Friday, November 7, 2014


Happy Birthday to me..... spent the day Golfing....We had a lil friend join us as well....

She had fun driving the cart, filling the divets and putting...

Later that night my wonderful Hubbie took me on a fabulous dinner date at Little Cleos seafood restaurant in Phoenix

Yum! Happy 35 to me!

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Fork em Devils!!!

We went to the ASU homecoming game vs Utah a few wks ago....

With our favorite Utes!

We lefts with a Sundevil win and good memories....

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Our baby had surgery a few weeks ago and had her tonsils and adenoids removed... Only to have an ear infection 3 days post op to throw a hiccup in her recovery course.

She was not herself until only recently....

Easier to be a nurse then a Mom some days.....

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Location:Surgical Patient

I got the opportunity to chaperone Brooklyns field trip at Schnepfs Farm a few weeks ago....


Oh what fun!!!!!

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Gone are the days
That I get to pick the girls costumes....
Throw the themes and coordination out the window.
Both the girls have their own style, opinions, and likes....
Meet Dorothy

And toto

I managed to talk Brooklyn out of wanting to spray paint Daisy to look more like Toto

Meet our snow princess.....

Happy Halloween!!!!

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Friday, October 24, 2014


Baptism Day!

 Last Weekend
Our Girls
were blessed into 
                                                          the Catholic Faith Community

The Girls God Parents….
Chad and Summer

What a wonderful extension to our little family…
the girls are truly blessed!