Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dying to say......I'm Gonna be a Mommy!

I'm making it official and going public on this blog to say that Brett and I are Pregnant! Actually, few people even read or know about this blog so that's why I am okay saying it, plus that and Brett and I plan on really announcing it to all others next week after thanksgiving. So if you happen to be on Anjee's Blog and clicked on my blog link to check it out this may be the first you have heard about Brett and I pregnant. Superstitious me was always wanting to err on the cautious side and keep it hush hush through our first trimester, but as the days went by and the excitement grew we just could not contain ourselves. We started telling more and more people, not everyone, but some. Today I will be officially 12 weeks, and happy to say had very minor and tolerable 1st trimester sypmtoms. We found out back in Sept, a few days before Brett's 30th bday. It was the best gift I could have given my husband for his 30th, but fortunately for him, I had already planned a trip to Boston for his 30th. He got quite the presents! Here's the picture of my "just found out I'm pregnant belly"

Not to lie, but we were "trying" and "hoping." I knew I'd be due to test and the morning that I did end up testing I had woken up from a dream that I'd taken a pregnancy test. So at 430 in the morning I got up peed on the stick for the upth-teen time and sure enough that time I got the plus sign! I was good and contained myself from telling Brett until he woke up from his alarm at 5am. He started the morning completely annoyed that I wouldn't let him snooze through the alarm, but after my news he didn't care to snooze. We told a handful a family and friends and with each new week found the urge to share our news with one new person. I think my mom is having the hardest time containing herself. The last few weeks and days my mom makes sure to ask if she can now start telling people, even though she knows the answer. So we go public blog style first (especially now since this pregnancy is having me sleep the most odd hours with 5 hour naps during the day and I am up at the wee hours of night with lil to do but surf the net and update this blog) and then by next week we'll send our "announcements" and share our great news! On the 31st we had our 2nd doctor appt, where all he did was check for the heartbeat and that was the most exciting thing to report thus far. A bit more confirmation other then the 7 dollar sticks to pee on that we were indeed pregnant. Next weds we have our first ultrasound! I'm very excited to share with my fellow bloggers, which most of you know already, but regardless I'm getting sick of posting other things then what I am most excited about! Here's my growing belly!!!!!

That's my 11 week belly! Can you believe that? The baby is only about 4 cms long and that's the belly I have?! There better be a twin hiding in there! Most everyone I see on the daily basis already knows and as you can see it's gonna be harder and harder to hide my news. I'm wearing a maternity skirt in the picture! Well, this news will definately change the flow of our blog now and I'm even more excited to update as this pregnancy progresses!


Riecke's said...

You're fat. Hee hee... I'm just jealous! I'm so happy you are "coming out". It's about time! Can't wait to see my little baby next week! Get some good shots! I'm so happy for you! Get ready for lots of belly rubs now that the news is out! And rub that stretch mark cream all over from here on out! You are going to have a monster. Are you sure that Bill isn't the daddy? Ewww. gross thought! But then Will and Baby Stephenson would be siblings.. okay, now I'm getting weird. I think I'm getting delirious! Night night! Love you!

Becky said...

You have a belly! You're showing! I love it! So fun and exciting! Good luck with the ultrasound today. Can't wait to here all about it.

Love always,