Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Birthday!

Take a look at the time. Now some may wonder what I am doing up this late/early....the joys of night shift! I probably should get to bed so I don't sleep my whole birthday away, but I'm sure Brett won't mind since it gives him more time to watch Football if I'm sleeping. Anyway, so much going on since I haven't posted in quite some time. Enjoying married life....I'm still working in the NICU, getting harder everyday especially since we're talking about having our own family and kids. My hope is it will only make me stronger. Brett's plugging away at Chase as a personal banker. He works not even 1/2 a mile from work so it's completely convienent and a blessing to have him close to home. Beats my 34 mile commute to the hospital. Deuce and I also enjoy our walks to the Bank to meet Brett when he gets off of work. Just in time for him to drive Deuce and I back home! Deuce is still spoiled rotten. One could only wonder what we are going to be like with a
"real child" He's a complete joy, but he acts like the king of the house. Our trainer at his PetSmart classes would only be soooo proud! I got my Birthday present already from Brett.
It's a beautiful jewelry armoire to store all the years of jewelry presents that I have already received from Brett. I love it! As of now we have not plans for the day but for Brett to take me to breakfast......Yummy! Happy Birthday also to my AZ mom.....Ms. Vicki! Hope you have a wonderful day! Anyway, I'l be sure to keep you all posted more often (happy Anjee?).....hopefully with more exciting things to share, once I figure out more tricks to this blogging thing!

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Riecke's said...

Woo hoo. Look at you girl! Finally! Not that we don't talk 3 times a day .... hee hee... love you girl. Keep posting... it's still fun to read. Love the jewelry box! Chat tomorrow. Love you!