Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're coming home for the Holidays!!!....sorta

Brett and I could not agree on which "home" to visit for our "holiday" vacation between N. Dakota and Chicago so our compromise is to drive the 24 hours back to the midwest and visit both!!! We'll leave here the 13th of Dec and drive to Fargo to visit the Stephenson family and friends...BURRRR it'll be cold! I'm not sure if me and my growing belly will even fit into my "winter" coat ...AZ winters rarely go below 40...and that's the middle of the night. After 3 days in Fargo we'll make the trek to Chicago to visit my side of family and friends.....BURRRRR it'll still be cold! Regardless of the bitter cold Brett and I are very excited to make the trip to see our family, unfortunately we have to be back to AZ by Xmas Eve so Brett can work. Bonus to making the road trip rather then fly is Deuce our pup will make the trip with us!!!!! Like all Dogs he loves car rides!!! Especially when he gets to sit shot gun. Pretty sure that we won't be letting him do that otherwise it'll be a long 24 hour drive!!!! We also plan on purchasing a wool sweater for him to take along. :-) He's kind of a wussy when it comes to it being cold. We've had the windows open at night lately since it's finally cooled off and we find him tucked away under the sheets with us in the morning.....
It'll be interesting!!!! What I am most excited for...fulfilling all my prego cravings for food from places found only in the chicago mom's home cooking and Portillos Chicago Style Hot Dog w/ Cheese Fries and Sarki's Bacon Loretta and Apple Pancake from Walker Bros pancake house and Depth Charge Sub with Butter Garlic Fries from Sub-T and Soup from China Town and Tango Sur- Beef Vesuvio and Matusuya's Combination C dinner!!!!! Yummy! I only have 3 days in Chicago....what's a pregnant girl to do?!

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