Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

We enjoyed a nice evening on the couch. Had a nice dinner and just lounged. It was a good christmas. The last mellow one that Brett Deuce and I will have for a long while I imagine. Brett and I are fighting colds that we got from our recent trip up north. Brett has lost his voice and I can't go 5 minutes without hacking up a lung. It's amazing that the baby hasn't fallen out of me with how bad I've been coughing. Regardless of our colds we still managed to have a wonderful christmas. It's a tad cold here in AZ....but bearable since we just came from 20 degree weather...we did however still manage to light and enjoy our fireplace....wanted to make sure it still work! Everything else is all well!
Here's a picture of my 17 weeks and 6 days belly:

and if you think I am smuggling a pillow under my dress here's a better look:

Monday, December 24, 2007

We're Home!

Brett Deuce and I made it home yesterday afternoon! Safe and sound. Our guardian angels were watching over us during our travels. We beat the storms that hit the midwest yesterday. It was a lil rough driving thru Oklahoma State with their snow and rain storm that had hit while we were driving, but we made it!!! It was worth the trip...tough drive, but worth it. We were able to see both sides of the family and do a Christmas celebration with both. Deuce was able to see and play in the snow. He loved meeting Bailey Libby and Sila. He had a blast and did well on the drive....thanks to sedative pills! Anyway....Merry Christmas to all! We will be enjoying the holiday on our couch counting all our blessings for a safe trip to the midwest and back.

Deuce is thinking what the heck is all this white stuff!

Deuce figuring out it he can eat it...as long as it is not yellow


Christmas in Chicago!!!!:

Bailey, Deuce and Libby with the Christmas Collars from Grandma.

Ria and Jed:

Andro and Rachelle:

Brett and Mae:

The winner should have been!:

Friday, December 21, 2007

The picture above is my brother's attempt to get back at me for posting the satin knicker pink bow outfit with matching white tights and saddle shoes I posted as an earlier entry. See, his friends have now seen the infamous picture and can't seem to get enough and now no longer leaving poor Dro alone. So he thought he would post his "blackmail" picture of me on his blog for all the world to see. I thought I would help out and post the picture of myself on my blog..... I can't begin to think of what all will say! I am soooo embarassed. :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We're off on our very long road trip tomorrow morning. I know many are very skeptical about us making the drive, but I promise that Brett and I will be safe. We've been watching the weather and forecasts show to have cleared and be okay for our drive, but if worse come to worse we turn back around and hang out at home! Regardless our trip will bring us home to PHX by xmas eve. So i'm sure we'll be in touch. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas if we don't get a chance to speak before then!!! hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hello to all the visitors brought here from Andro's Wedding Blog.....as promised, my most prized posession of my older brother! Gotta love it! I forgot to mention the saddle shoes.....

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Check out my Elf!


Check out the link above, you'll need to copy and paste it to your address bar to view it....I haven't quite figured out how to just add a weblink directly on this post.

Christmas Early in AZ

Brett, Deucer, and I decided to do a lil early xmas here in AZ to exchange our presents before we headed off on our road trip. Deuce was so excited to get into the living room where we keep the tree and his presents. He ran right for his "section" of gifts and tore right thru them. For a dog we were very impressed. He opened them each one at a time and then went back to his gifts and grabbed another to open. He was pretty excited.
Then Brett opened up his presents from the baby, deuce and I. He got a few shirts a pair of sweat pants so he can have to lounge around the house (he wanted them!)T he Office Series 3 dvd set and then a book about daddies from the baby.

For my presents from Brett Deuce and the baby, I got a hands free blue tooth head piece to go with my phone since Brett doesn't think it is safe for me to drive with my phone on speaker phone tucked into my bra strap. I also got a CD and The Gilmore Girls season 7 DVD set, for entertainment while on our road trip. Then the best present of all was actually for the baby....boots to match mommies pair....her's are actually pink, but I am sure she'll be able to pull them off.

So We decided to take it easy this year on presents for each other since we've had quite the year so far! A wedding and honeymoon, Brett's 30th birthday in Boston and now preparing for Baby Stephenson! I have to count my blessings each and everyday...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

She's Getting Big!

Both Mommy and Baby are growing growing growing! I had some SEVERE heart burn last night at work and I blamed it on the Panda Express I had earlier in the night. After about 1/2 a tums roll later I noticed NO relief. I finally figured out that the elastic waist on my scrub pants was the culprit. Thank goodness for hospital OR scrubs so I was able to change. Guess I'll have to retire my old ones for a while. I've finally made some major wardrobe changes to accomodate for the expanding belly. Though my weight hasn't changed much my waist seems to just keep on going. I'll have to post pictures once I get more. Baby Girl on the other hand is about 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounces, according to my pregnancy calendar anyway. She's getting up there!!! Some things I've read say that I may start to feel her moving as early as now, but most likely not until 18 or 20 weeks. If I apply any pressure on my lower belly I feel a lil fluttering, but hard to say that's her kicking me back or if it's normal twinging of my own musle and GI system. Since this is my first I rely on lots of reading material and friends to tell me what to expect.