Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Early in AZ

Brett, Deucer, and I decided to do a lil early xmas here in AZ to exchange our presents before we headed off on our road trip. Deuce was so excited to get into the living room where we keep the tree and his presents. He ran right for his "section" of gifts and tore right thru them. For a dog we were very impressed. He opened them each one at a time and then went back to his gifts and grabbed another to open. He was pretty excited.
Then Brett opened up his presents from the baby, deuce and I. He got a few shirts a pair of sweat pants so he can have to lounge around the house (he wanted them!)T he Office Series 3 dvd set and then a book about daddies from the baby.

For my presents from Brett Deuce and the baby, I got a hands free blue tooth head piece to go with my phone since Brett doesn't think it is safe for me to drive with my phone on speaker phone tucked into my bra strap. I also got a CD and The Gilmore Girls season 7 DVD set, for entertainment while on our road trip. Then the best present of all was actually for the to match mommies pair....her's are actually pink, but I am sure she'll be able to pull them off.

So We decided to take it easy this year on presents for each other since we've had quite the year so far! A wedding and honeymoon, Brett's 30th birthday in Boston and now preparing for Baby Stephenson! I have to count my blessings each and everyday...

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Riecke's said...

Oh my Gosh you are a fatty! Glad I'm not you. How are you even going to fit in the car???? Can you even walk? Must be all that cafeteria food! Oh you're calling! Bye..just kidding by the way! Love ya!