Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

We enjoyed a nice evening on the couch. Had a nice dinner and just lounged. It was a good christmas. The last mellow one that Brett Deuce and I will have for a long while I imagine. Brett and I are fighting colds that we got from our recent trip up north. Brett has lost his voice and I can't go 5 minutes without hacking up a lung. It's amazing that the baby hasn't fallen out of me with how bad I've been coughing. Regardless of our colds we still managed to have a wonderful christmas. It's a tad cold here in AZ....but bearable since we just came from 20 degree weather...we did however still manage to light and enjoy our fireplace....wanted to make sure it still work! Everything else is all well!
Here's a picture of my 17 weeks and 6 days belly:

and if you think I am smuggling a pillow under my dress here's a better look:


Christine said...

You look too cute. I'm glad you had a nice time visiting your family. We need to get together. You should see how big Emma is getting.

Riecke's said...

Love the pics. Glad you are safe and sound and a LITTLE bit warmer. I'm glad to be home. 2 weeks away can hard, although it was great to be with family! And we got snow on Christmas. What more could we ask for!

Riecke's said...

Okay, just tried to post a comment and it disappeared. Anyway, hi and bye. Hee hee.. Glad you are home safe tubby! I know we are so glad to be back home! 2 weeks in Oregon is a little too cold for me!

Riecke's said...

Oh never mind. You have to approve my comment. NEVER MIND! hee hee! Now look you have lots of comments!