Monday, December 24, 2007

We're Home!

Brett Deuce and I made it home yesterday afternoon! Safe and sound. Our guardian angels were watching over us during our travels. We beat the storms that hit the midwest yesterday. It was a lil rough driving thru Oklahoma State with their snow and rain storm that had hit while we were driving, but we made it!!! It was worth the trip...tough drive, but worth it. We were able to see both sides of the family and do a Christmas celebration with both. Deuce was able to see and play in the snow. He loved meeting Bailey Libby and Sila. He had a blast and did well on the drive....thanks to sedative pills! Anyway....Merry Christmas to all! We will be enjoying the holiday on our couch counting all our blessings for a safe trip to the midwest and back.

Deuce is thinking what the heck is all this white stuff!

Deuce figuring out it he can eat long as it is not yellow


Christmas in Chicago!!!!:

Bailey, Deuce and Libby with the Christmas Collars from Grandma.

Ria and Jed:

Andro and Rachelle:

Brett and Mae:

The winner should have been!:

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