Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pretty In Pink

I just wanted to share this picture of my cute adorable niece Ellie. She's growing so big! She's in a pretty pink dress that Auntie Mae and Uncle Brett bought for her. It's actually a dress for a doll, which came with a big version of it. Shewas so tiny she actually fit. She's doing well at home and getting up there in size! Last I heard she was 4.5 lbs, but that was last week when they weighed her...she was supposed to have been weighed again yesterday by the home health nurse and I wouldn't be surprised if she was 5 lbs by now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It just grows and grows!

We are continuing to do well. I had a nice relaxing day, even got the good news that I have the evening off again from work tonight, sorta...I am on call. So it was nice to just sit around and relax with the hubbie. It just stinks everytime the phone rings cuz I think it's work calling me in. Even though I don't want to go in because lets face it who wants to work, I guess I wouldn't mind especially since I slept all day and was prepared to go in. Anyway I'm ready if they need.

Just wanted to share some more pictures.
Here's my 22 wk and 6 day belly!

I am beginning to think Anjee is right and that I am growing a beast in my belly. I'm just at awe on how much my belly sticks out and grows each day. I feel the stretch after every meal. No stretch marks yet...and hopefully NEVER! I am pretty consistant on the lotion to my belly and drinking plenty of fluids to keep my skin elastic! But lets face it, I am only 22+ weeks along....where is this baby going to go and how she gonna fit?! My belly button is slowly surfacing it's way out. Not quite yet, but it's almost there! Per our pregnancy calendar our baby girl should measure 11.3 inches long and weight 1.1 lbs. It's fun seeing all the changes that my body is going thru! It's all worth it! I just love our baby girl! I can't wait to meet her in person. It'll be interesting to see what she looks like...I can't even imagine Brett and me combined into a try!...

Anyway, we took some fun Deucer Pictures tonight also....

That is the big puppy dog eyes that mommy and daddy always fall for. It gets him treats and why he's soo spoiled.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nursery and Mommy Update

Brett managed to put the furniture together and put up 2 ceiling fans in the spare bedrooms this weekend despite our crazy saturday night. I managed to lay low and take it easy both yesterday and today. I did see the doctor this afternoon and he did tell me that I was not dilated or progressing in any pre term labor. Thank the good lord! His suggestion was just to take it easy and avoid strenuous activity. Which I plan on doing just that! I took tonight off work for safe measures and plan on going back to my normal routine with less physical demand unless body and baby tell me otherwise. Again our guardian angels are watching over our family everyday!

Our nursery is slowly coming around with the addition of the new furniture and I wanted to post some new pictures of it.

If you know anything about Brett and I you know that we can't just have an empty undecorated room so once the new furniture went up we quickly filled the empty shelves with teddy bears and pictures. I'm sure Baby Stephenson will start her own collection of dolls and stuffed animals to fill the shelves with.

The last big piece of furniture left for us to purchase is a glider/rocker to place in the corner of the room where the floor length mirror sits now. We have ideas
for what to hang on the walls, but they include her name which we wanted to share with the Baby when she is born before telling everyone else, so some of the wall decor will have to wait. So slowly but surely the nursery is getting put together. She's already started her clothing collection, thanks to gifts from Friends, Grandpa Mike and then My Aunt who went nuts getting baby clothes on her trip to the Philippines. Oh, and I can't say that I'm not guilty either, it's hard not picking up a cute outfit here and there! She's managed to rack up over 20 onesies already. So here's our latest baby update. Baby is tossing and turning right as we speak. I think she wants to say hi to all and she promises that she won't be coming out to see everyone for at least another 16 weeks!

Oh and Deuce wanted to get in to one of the pictures! He loves his baby sister's room!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Coke Float sent me home early from work!

Last night at work I started feeling crampy. I thought it was from the coke float I just had to have on my way to work that was giving me the upset tummy. Nothing that I hadn't felt before so I brushed it off until the pain was so bad that I felt light headed and dizzy. I had Becky who I was working with call the charge nurse over who didn't let me just brush it off (What a good mama Nurse Cheryl is!) and took me to Labor and Delivery Triage in wheelchair after calling Brett at home and scarying him to death to come to the hospital. That's okay though he needed to have been there. He got from our house to the hospital in record he says. Turns out what I thought was cramping and gas pains (gotta love pregnancy!) were actually contractions. I had 2 in 6 minutes and proceeded to have more so they had to give me a medicine to stop the contractions. The medicine they gave me worked...thank god! Anyway, they monitored me for a lil while longer and sent me home...not back to work...Bummer! I was told to take it easy and follow up with my Doctor on Monday. This is where being a Nurse, especially a NICU nurse kinda stinks. I know too much to ever comfort myself. When the nurse told me that I was indeed having contractions I broke down yet again in tears. All my first hand knowledge of pre-term labor and pre-term infants just took over my head! I felt panic and my blood pressure showed it. I first started crying while in the NICU talking to Cheryl and Becky about what was wrong and then again while being wheeled down to the L&D and again when Brett got to the hospital. I thought I just had an upset tummy and I was being paranoid first time pregnant mama by actually going to get checked out. So when the L&D nurse said contractions I cried knowing that wasn't good. Thank god they were able to stop them and I was able to actually go home. Baby Stephenson just want to stir things up a lil and give Mommy and Daddy a good scare. Apparently she didn't like the Coke Float. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the contractions go away for at least another 16 weeks! In 16 weeks I will welcome them with open arms along with an epidural! My other hope is that the contractions were just stimulated by my underlying tummy ache and that come Monday my doctor clears me and lets me return to my normal routine without any restrictions. A few things I learned from this experience is that if something feels wrong it doesn't hurt to get it checked out, that Brett can make it to the hospital in decent time for when I do indeed go into 16+ weeks, and that I can't have Coke Floats anymore.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nursery Update

Our working progress in the nursery is coming along. We painted last night and finished up some touch up painting this morning. Next we just have to get the rest of our furniture and then decorate.

All else is well with Baby Stephenson. She continues to grow and i know this because I continue to expand my waistline and gain weight. She's moving around quite a bit. Brett and I have even gotten to see the rippling effects of her moving around inside on the outside of my belly. She's just saying hi to us!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kisses for the Baby

Deuce is definately gonna love his lil sister! He's already piling on the kisses!

Joo's Baby Shower and Ellie's Update

Ellie went home on Friday from the NICU. She's been doing soo well. Joo and James seem to be adjusting to parenthood, Joo's biggest complaint thus far...lack of sleep! Oh I can only wait until our turn!! We did manage to have a shower for her on Saturday while James stayed at home with his new daughter.

Here are some pics from the shower! Ellie is going to be sooo well dressed!

Proud Auntie and Uncle!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

20-21 week Ultrasound

Here are pictures from our Ultrasound on Thursday. They aren't the greatest quality as of now because I can't really zoom bigger since we are still working out the glitches on our computer. The top picture is confirmation that she's a she and the bottom is your typical ultrasound profile picture. We were very happy to see that she's growing well and everything looks good so far. Baby Stephenson has been kicking and flipping around a bunch in my tummy. Deuce went to go lay his head on my belly earlier and she decided to start kicking at him. It didn't phase him though. He's gonna be a great big bro!

It's a Girl!...100% Certainty per Ultrasound!

So sorry it's taken us so long to get a new entry up. We were without a computer for a week and funny how life just stops without technology! We were definately ruffing it here at the Stephenson Household. Good news is we are up and running again! Better news is that we were told with 100% confidence that our bundle of joy will indeed be a girl. Grandma even made it in for our ultrasound and got to experience in the joy. Afterwards we headed over to Babies R Us to officially register. Grandma got to see all sorts of fun new gadgets that have come out since the last time she had to take care of a baby 28 years ago. It's been a nice trip so far getting to hang out with my mom and like always my mom and I have pretty much spent our time shopping around. We've been on a mission to find her the PERFECT Mother of the Groom dress for my Brothers upcoming July wedding. I've been trying to get some new Maternity clothes and a couple dresses I've got to squeeze into in Feb for Rachelle's Wedding shower and My Baby shower. That was definately depressing trying on outfits and being constantly reminded that my belly keeps growing and growing and I get further and further from my normal size!!!!! All worth it though!!!! But the uplifting part of my weekend thus far (outside of seeing my mom and our Ultrasound on Thurs) is I got the go from my loving hubby to go ahead and Splurge on a Coach diaper bag. (Truth is I would have got it if Brett was still opposed....sorry Brett :-) you!) It was a bargain deal at 50% off and any girl would know that's a steal! Dillards had a monster sale on all sorts of ladies if you have the time head out for the sale! So yes I can still be stylin mommy when toting around my baby with my new Coach!

Anyway, here's the latest of Baby Girl Stephenson (AKA Helga or Bernice) in mommy's Belly at 21 weeks and 4 days. Ultrasound pictures are yet to come...we're still trying to get our scanner up and running!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nursery Prep

We are getting super prepared for our lil one and decided to put together the crib tonight..... Brett did good and only had a few extra screws leftover.

The Final product....minus bedding and the baby....soon to come!

19 weeks and 4 days belly to go along with the crib

All else is well. Baby Stephenson is moving around quite a bit in Mommy's belly. She even kicked for Daddy to feel the other day.....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ellie Kaitlyn Tatham

Our Friends Joo and James had their baby on 1-2-08. She is a beautiful lil 3#9oz baby girl. She was born a tad early at 31 weeks, but has been doing exceptionally well in the NICU. I am excited to take care of her as a NICU patient in the unit I work at, but even more excited to see her go home with Joo and James. Joo and James are are going to make wonderful parents and we are excited about being an Auntie and Uncle all over again!

Deuce's Sleepover

We've been doggie sitting for the past week or so..... Deuce's best buddy bravo came over last week and rang in the new year.

And this is his other favorite friend Bailey....they are taking a nap....

Deuce has been having fun with his friends! Too bad we can't convince Daddy to let us get a new puppy for Deuce to play with.....