Sunday, January 20, 2008

20-21 week Ultrasound

Here are pictures from our Ultrasound on Thursday. They aren't the greatest quality as of now because I can't really zoom bigger since we are still working out the glitches on our computer. The top picture is confirmation that she's a she and the bottom is your typical ultrasound profile picture. We were very happy to see that she's growing well and everything looks good so far. Baby Stephenson has been kicking and flipping around a bunch in my tummy. Deuce went to go lay his head on my belly earlier and she decided to start kicking at him. It didn't phase him though. He's gonna be a great big bro!

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Riecke's said...

Very cute. But I'd be a little concerned. Look at the spelling of "contemporary" on the US. Hee hee. If you click on the pic they are bigger... so cute. The top one looke like you and I think she looks like Brett in the 2nd one :)