Sunday, January 27, 2008

Coke Float sent me home early from work!

Last night at work I started feeling crampy. I thought it was from the coke float I just had to have on my way to work that was giving me the upset tummy. Nothing that I hadn't felt before so I brushed it off until the pain was so bad that I felt light headed and dizzy. I had Becky who I was working with call the charge nurse over who didn't let me just brush it off (What a good mama Nurse Cheryl is!) and took me to Labor and Delivery Triage in wheelchair after calling Brett at home and scarying him to death to come to the hospital. That's okay though he needed to have been there. He got from our house to the hospital in record he says. Turns out what I thought was cramping and gas pains (gotta love pregnancy!) were actually contractions. I had 2 in 6 minutes and proceeded to have more so they had to give me a medicine to stop the contractions. The medicine they gave me worked...thank god! Anyway, they monitored me for a lil while longer and sent me home...not back to work...Bummer! I was told to take it easy and follow up with my Doctor on Monday. This is where being a Nurse, especially a NICU nurse kinda stinks. I know too much to ever comfort myself. When the nurse told me that I was indeed having contractions I broke down yet again in tears. All my first hand knowledge of pre-term labor and pre-term infants just took over my head! I felt panic and my blood pressure showed it. I first started crying while in the NICU talking to Cheryl and Becky about what was wrong and then again while being wheeled down to the L&D and again when Brett got to the hospital. I thought I just had an upset tummy and I was being paranoid first time pregnant mama by actually going to get checked out. So when the L&D nurse said contractions I cried knowing that wasn't good. Thank god they were able to stop them and I was able to actually go home. Baby Stephenson just want to stir things up a lil and give Mommy and Daddy a good scare. Apparently she didn't like the Coke Float. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the contractions go away for at least another 16 weeks! In 16 weeks I will welcome them with open arms along with an epidural! My other hope is that the contractions were just stimulated by my underlying tummy ache and that come Monday my doctor clears me and lets me return to my normal routine without any restrictions. A few things I learned from this experience is that if something feels wrong it doesn't hurt to get it checked out, that Brett can make it to the hospital in decent time for when I do indeed go into 16+ weeks, and that I can't have Coke Floats anymore.

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Becky said...

I am soooo glad you were at work last night. I think it would've been sooo much harder to decide whether or not to go get checked out if you were at home. Perhaps a little divine intervention at play! Hope the Dr. apt. goes great tomorrow and no contractions are seen!!! Call me with the good news.

P.S. I read your long entry, rivaling my long Packer entry. Smile, smile. Now you have to endure reading my long entry. It's friend code. Enjoy. Smile, smile.

P.P.S. My fave player did win the Australian Open. Aren't you sooo happy? Go Djokovic!!!