Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's a Girl!...100% Certainty per Ultrasound!

So sorry it's taken us so long to get a new entry up. We were without a computer for a week and funny how life just stops without technology! We were definately ruffing it here at the Stephenson Household. Good news is we are up and running again! Better news is that we were told with 100% confidence that our bundle of joy will indeed be a girl. Grandma even made it in for our ultrasound and got to experience in the joy. Afterwards we headed over to Babies R Us to officially register. Grandma got to see all sorts of fun new gadgets that have come out since the last time she had to take care of a baby 28 years ago. It's been a nice trip so far getting to hang out with my mom and like always my mom and I have pretty much spent our time shopping around. We've been on a mission to find her the PERFECT Mother of the Groom dress for my Brothers upcoming July wedding. I've been trying to get some new Maternity clothes and a couple dresses I've got to squeeze into in Feb for Rachelle's Wedding shower and My Baby shower. That was definately depressing trying on outfits and being constantly reminded that my belly keeps growing and growing and I get further and further from my normal size!!!!! All worth it though!!!! But the uplifting part of my weekend thus far (outside of seeing my mom and our Ultrasound on Thurs) is I got the go from my loving hubby to go ahead and Splurge on a Coach diaper bag. (Truth is I would have got it if Brett was still opposed....sorry Brett :-) you!) It was a bargain deal at 50% off and any girl would know that's a steal! Dillards had a monster sale on all sorts of ladies if you have the time head out for the sale! So yes I can still be stylin mommy when toting around my baby with my new Coach!

Anyway, here's the latest of Baby Girl Stephenson (AKA Helga or Bernice) in mommy's Belly at 21 weeks and 4 days. Ultrasound pictures are yet to come...we're still trying to get our scanner up and running!


Riecke's said...

You're a friggin monster! I'm predicting Helga to be the winner in the World's best tree chopper! Yes, a brut! I can see her now..... Giving mommy and daddy piggyback rides, lifting the car to change a flat, holding daddy up to change lightbulbs... oh can't wait. It will be priceless..... Will can rest his head in her big North Dakodan beast breasts while they slow dance at prom! We will be so proud!

Becky said...

Anjee, Anjee, Anjee. It's North Dakotan, silly. And that'd be great if she can lift a car...guess that'd make her Supergirl. Cool. She'll fly through the air at the speed of light, then mommy and daddy won't have to drive to NoDak. She can fly them up north. Anyway, very fun belly pics, Miss Mae. I love it. I never got to have a prego belly, so I think it's so fun to watch you grow. Later ladies. Gotta get back to work. -Becky