Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kisses for the Baby

Deuce is definately gonna love his lil sister! He's already piling on the kisses!


Tod and Casey said...

Mae - I love this picture! I love all of your pictures! Ok - a couple of questions. 1st - How do I make the picture of Tod and I big like yours and Brett's at the top of your screen? And also how do I add links, like your blog and our baby registry?

We are going to register this Saturday, I can't wait, but I'm afraid we are going to have about a million things on it! I will do my best to stay in control :) I love the bedding that you have chosen for your baby girl, it will be so cute! I also love the bath frog with the toys, and saw it the other day and we almost bought it on the spot.

How are you feeling? Sleeping used to be wonderful to me, but I kind of dread going to bed now, I can't get confortable, and have siatic nerve pain that is getting progressivly worse. But nothing I can't handle!

Take care, have a great evening and we really do need to get together soon! Tell Brett, Deuce and Baby I said hello!

Riecke's said...

Gross. Hee hee.. just kidding. That is wonderful. He better treat Helga nice, or she'll kick his doggy booty!