Monday, January 28, 2008

Nursery and Mommy Update

Brett managed to put the furniture together and put up 2 ceiling fans in the spare bedrooms this weekend despite our crazy saturday night. I managed to lay low and take it easy both yesterday and today. I did see the doctor this afternoon and he did tell me that I was not dilated or progressing in any pre term labor. Thank the good lord! His suggestion was just to take it easy and avoid strenuous activity. Which I plan on doing just that! I took tonight off work for safe measures and plan on going back to my normal routine with less physical demand unless body and baby tell me otherwise. Again our guardian angels are watching over our family everyday!

Our nursery is slowly coming around with the addition of the new furniture and I wanted to post some new pictures of it.

If you know anything about Brett and I you know that we can't just have an empty undecorated room so once the new furniture went up we quickly filled the empty shelves with teddy bears and pictures. I'm sure Baby Stephenson will start her own collection of dolls and stuffed animals to fill the shelves with.

The last big piece of furniture left for us to purchase is a glider/rocker to place in the corner of the room where the floor length mirror sits now. We have ideas
for what to hang on the walls, but they include her name which we wanted to share with the Baby when she is born before telling everyone else, so some of the wall decor will have to wait. So slowly but surely the nursery is getting put together. She's already started her clothing collection, thanks to gifts from Friends, Grandpa Mike and then My Aunt who went nuts getting baby clothes on her trip to the Philippines. Oh, and I can't say that I'm not guilty either, it's hard not picking up a cute outfit here and there! She's managed to rack up over 20 onesies already. So here's our latest baby update. Baby is tossing and turning right as we speak. I think she wants to say hi to all and she promises that she won't be coming out to see everyone for at least another 16 weeks!

Oh and Deuce wanted to get in to one of the pictures! He loves his baby sister's room!


Riecke's said...

Lookin' so cute. I say put the name up. Wink, wink.... H-E-L-G-A ! How cute that will look! She needs a weight set and punching bag! I'm glad she is being good in there! No early exit! Love her lots! Take it easy! This is the perfect excuse for Brett to do EVERYTHING! Take advantage!!!!!! Ciao Bella. Love ya!

Tod and Casey said...

Hey Mae - looks like the nursery is coming along very nicely! I'm also glad to hear that everything went well at the doctor. Take care and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know you're doing ok. It's a scary thing going into labor early but as early as you is even worse. I hope "helga" decides to stick it out for 16 more weeks. We're all anxious to meet her just not that anxious. Take it easy and enjoy every moment. It all goes to fast.