Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nursery Prep

We are getting super prepared for our lil one and decided to put together the crib tonight..... Brett did good and only had a few extra screws leftover.

The Final product....minus bedding and the baby....soon to come!

19 weeks and 4 days belly to go along with the crib

All else is well. Baby Stephenson is moving around quite a bit in Mommy's belly. She even kicked for Daddy to feel the other day.....

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Tomorrow's the big day! So glad it's "confirmation" day so you can see your baby and shop, shop, shop. Then you can post pictures of what baby Stephenson's nursery bedding will look like. Will it be girlie, girl? Probably. Could Will get a buddy? Crazier things have happed. So we shall see. Can't wait to hear. Either way, it's sooo exciting! Have a great day! We will patiently wait to hear. Enjoy your day with Brett and your mom! Love always, Becky and Amaya