Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Shower for Helga/Bernice/MiniMae

I did make it back to Phoenix with only a minor weather delay! yeah! While in Chicago besides the shower for Rachelle On Sunday my mom and her friend Linda hosted a shower for the baby and me at Linda's house. (My mom was one busy lady!) It was a WONDERFUL shower and I can't thank Linda and my Mom enough for all their hard work they put into the shower. It was so nice to see friends and family and to be able to celebrate with everyone. I loved showing everyone my ever growing belly with my baby girl! She was a trooper through the long weekend....let her mommy even manage to wear her stilettos and high heeled boots without causing problems! It was sooo fun opening up presents for Baby Stephenson. So many cute things and cute clothes! It just makes me that much more excited! I was soooo excited to get home to Brett and show him all the new things we got for our lil girl. He was even excited to see them all. We had fun putting it all away and coming one step closer to getting the nursery ready and prepping for the baby. This girl already has sooo many clothes. That's okay though....she'll take after mommy and her love for clothes! So I wanted to share a few pictures from the shower at Linda's.

Me Opening up presents....I had a lil helper named Sophia...

We love all the new baby clothes!

Sophia is demonstrating how this musical device works!

My Mom and I....cutting and serving the desert. Yummy....Mocha Cake!

Thank you everyone for coming to the shower and celebrating with us! We had a wonderful time and we truly appreciate all the wonderful presents! Brett, Baby Stephenson and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Rachelle's Bridal Shower

One of the events for this past weekend was Rachelle's Bridal Shower. It was held Saturday afternoon at Sheri's House. Sheri, my Mom, Rachelle's Aunt Joanne and myself were all hosts. Since Rachelle loves to bake we centered the whole shower around that theme. When guests arrived they painted dessert plates and a cake stand with well wishes, which will be glazed and given the the soon to be newlyweds to add to their fine china collection. We watched a photo montage of Andro and Rachelle which was beautifully done. Then we had a cooking demo which Rachelle and our Hired Chef demo'd how to make souffle and molten chocolate cake. While those were cooking and getting prepped we had a wonderful catered lunch. It was yummy. Rachelle opened a ton of was such a good time and it looked like our Bride to be enjoyed herself. Here are some pictures of the afternoon.

Rachelle and Chef Ruth:

Trini, Rachelle, and Carol (rachelle's mom)

Rachelle Displaying her masterpiece souffle:

We can't wait to have dinner at Andro and Rachelle's house now! With all their new stuff and Rachelle's fine baking skill!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter Storm Warning

Winter storm headed for chicago- scheduled arrival 6 pm. My scheduled departure 530 pm. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 22, 2008

BRRRRR...It's Cold

Greetings from Chicago! I've survived my 3 hour plane ride and I don't think that I would have done well if I had to sit for any longer. There is snow on the ground here in Chicago and it's Cold!!! Typical midwestern day! I'm here to celebrate Rachelle's (future sister in-law) bridal shower and the next day my mom and her friend, Linda are throwing a baby shower for baby stephenson. 2 birds with 1 stone! We're celebrating Rachelle's shower a tad early since the wedding isn't until July, but since I can't travel really any later everyone was sweet to agree on doing it now. Mini Mae and I just have to bear the cold. I have very few winter clothes even to fit into.....oh well, We'll survive. Brett is having his own fun boys weekend out. His friend Steve is in from Fargo visiting over the weekend. He escapes the cold I travel to it! I'm sure Steve and Brett will have tons of fun whatever they end up doing! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi from Chicago!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sparky Update

I've been checking on our buddy Sparky at the Humane Society and good news is that he is out of the shelter and in a foster home. Hopefully he wins over his foster parents and they end up keeping him :-) I think we would have fostered him if they would have let us, but at that point we might as well have adopted him....I just don't know how you can foster a dog at your home and then just give the dog up. It makes me sad when we doggie sit for friends and then have to give the dog back to the friends....I like having a friend for Deuce. Deuce won't be an only child for long! He'll have a lil sister to torment.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're shopping for Mini Vans!

It's official...after exactly a week of being down to 1 car while "MissMae" was in the shop we got the news from the mechanic that we were better off buying a new car. Now, I always said that and for over a year now kept looking, but Brett would insist we wait. First it was after we got married and got thru those expenses and then it was after we got pregnant and then it was let's just drive "MISSMAE" until we absolutely can't. Well it's come to that point. We're doing the minimal repairs to get us some time to shop for a new car and be able to still trade her in. So it's car shopping for us! Woo Hoo! This ought to be fun. Brett's self diagnosed with ADD and insists it kicks in after 5 minutes of any sort of shopping and his patience level (and mine also) for any sort of cars salesman is near to zelch. So wish us luck for the next month as we shop for the perfect Mommy Mobile for me!!!! Think I can pull of a mini-van? hehe. I'm pretty sure NO on the Mini Van to go with Mommy and Mini Mae. I have a feeling we're gonna get a vehicle that Brett wants and will drive and I'll end up with his. I just want something that I can rely on and not worry about anymore. "MISSMAE" was good to us...she got us from AZ to Fargo, Chicago and back safely so we can visit our families for the holidays. She's just not so good anymore and I don't want to be 7-8-9 mos pregnant on the side of the road with a broke car or worse yet with a the baby in the sweltering summer here on the side of the road.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Early Valentines!

Brett and I celebrated Valentines day early this year since he had a 3 day weekend and to avoid the hustle and bustle of Thursday night so last night we had a date at the Olive & Ivy over in old town Scottsdale. It is located right off the new "waterfront" shopping place and I was very impressed. The atmosphere was very nice....very trendy and chic...typical Scottdale. Anyway, it was a nice evening to follow the 75 degree weather day. Even though I spent most of it in bed trying to fight this nasty cold. We had a pretty laid back Valentines this year...I got roses and he got a card....hehehe. He would have gotten something more if I had a car not in the shop! My car overheated on Saturday on the way home from work. I am pretty sure that it's time to retire my car and get a new one here in the very near future. We're actually still waiting for the autoshop to call and us and tell us what our ultimate damages are. Anyway, so that's the reason for our low key Valentines. We're prepping for bigger expenses in the near future :-) Speaking of, Baby Stephenson continues to do well....she likes to kick mommy to wake up. And she is just active as can be. I have a future Rockette here. Here's my 24 week and 4 day belly shot! This was taken last night after our night out.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are we a 2 Dog Household?

Turns out that it didn't take much to convince Brett to visit the animal shelter where Sparky was staying. He wanted just as much as me to check it out if this was indeed a distant relative of our Deuce. Yesterday afternoon we packed a baggie full of doggie treats and made the trek to South Phx to check out this puppy. We found the oasis the the middle of the ghetto that was a beautiful well kept animal shelter belonging to the AZ Humane Society. I was completely impressed. My biggest fear was going to a shelter that was run down, unkept, with poor living conditions and having more reason to take Sparky home with us. Anyway, we found Sparky in the shelter with no problem. The minute we asked anyone about where the "Greyhound Mix" pup was they all seemed to know. He's quite infamous there, mainly due to his unique breed and great personality. He was out and about being walked by one of the volunteers at the shelter and our chins dropped when we actually saw him. Other then the small marking on his nose and darker color he was a spitting image of Deuce. His demeanor, personality and mannerism were all Deuce! He did all the patent Deuce moves like putting his paws on your shoulders to get a hug when you bent down or walking under your legs to get you to pet his back. He was quite the sight to see! I tell you if it weren't for Baby Stephenson's impending arrival in 3-4 mos we would have taken him home! It broke my heart that at this time we aren't quite ready for the 2 dogs in our house especially since we just love our Deuce and always joke around about the only way we would get another if he was exactly like Deuce. Deuce and Baby Stephenson will leave for quite a crazy busy house I am sure. I know normally it would have taken quite some convincing beggin and pleading on my part with Brett to get him to agree to a 2nd dog, but I think he wanted it more then me! After hearing that he was a stray that was indeed at one point micro-chipped, approx the same age as Deuce we were convinced that it was indeed his brother. Unfortunately they were unable to trace back his chip to the owners. Anyway, what I wanted to share most with everyone was why it wasn't so bad to leave him there and not take him home with us. The AZ Humane Society- NINA MASON PULLIAM CAMPUS FOR COMPASSION was one the the best animal shelter facilities I have seen. It seriously looks like a hotel. Even better then some of the kennels or "pet resorts" that I have seen and checked out. Each kennel is large and clean for the animals. Each pup has a doggie bed with blanket or towel. All dogs that we saw had a chew toy of some sort in their kennel. All kennels come with a handy treat bag that sits right on the outside of the door for passer-byers to give the pups. There is park benches and grassy areas for when the dogs do get taken out and from the looks of it plenty of Volunteers that are strictly there to take the dogs out for a walk as they feel and want and to interact with the animals. Alright- I know in the big picture that this was not the plush luxurious life that most pups have, like our Spoiled Deuce, but it was soo nice to see. And don't get me wrong I still second guess leaving Sparky there. I really wish were able to take him home with sucked knowing that he was there the longest at over 3 weeks now, but the bright side better he there then any other Shelter I saw. Anyway, if you or anyone you know are ever in the market to adopt a pet please do check it out. Unfortunately it is not a "no-kill" shelter that would ideal, but after talking with the volunteers and workers there it sounds like they do everything they can before it gets to that point. The animals are well-screened to make sure that they are indeed adoptable before they take place them up and if they don't get adopted they have a foster pet program that places them in foster home until they do. If you aren't in the market but feel like you still want to help out Sparky and his friends you can check out their website for ways to do so.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Found: Deuce's Blood Brother- SPARKY

Every Feb. the NICU I work at collects donations for a local animal shelter. This year it is for AZ Humane Society. There is always a poster hanging up in our locker room describing the different needs of the shelter such as food, leashes, blankets, etc. As well as different pictures of the current animals that are up for adoption. Well I noticed this picture of a cute pup listed as a "greyhound mix" I about died. When Brett and I picked up Deuce at the shelter a few years ago we picked him out of a litter of about 6 or 7 other pups. We were always curious about what happened to the other pups in the litter especially as Deuce grew up and became the unique looking dog he is today. We always wanted to know if his brothers and sisters looked like him. Well here he is.....or at least the closest thing we can come to his brother! I am hoping to convince Brett to take a trip with me to the shelter to actually visit Sparky...but my fear is that if he acts and really looks like Deuce it will break my heart to have to leave him there....... Anyone looking to adopt a dog?!

Here is Sparky's Statistics
I am a neutered male, brown and white Greyhound mix.
The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old.
Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:
*I am already microchipped!
Friendly - men,women
Maybe - children, dogs
Unknown - cats
For more information about this animal, call:
Arizona Humane Society - Campus for Compassion at (602) 395-3874
Ask for information about animal ID number A106348

Guess our Baby Stats!

I set up a website that keeps a tally of everyone's guess on Baby Stephenson's birthdate, time, weight, etc. It's just for fun, so if you have a moment check it out and feel free to add to the pool!

Unfortunately you have to put your guess in each of the questions for it to work.

Anjee- I know you think I am growing a monster, but before you put 10lbs in for her weight please remember I have to push her out and I don't even think I guessed that for when Will was born!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Arranged Marriages

Well it looks like our Baby Stephenson will have her pick of boys to be her boyfriend and even possibly future hubbie...(only after she's at least 25 though!...maybe even later if Daddy has a say!) We just found out that our friends Kendra and Matt are having a boy, due in July. Also, our friends Casey and Tod are expecting a boy, Baby Brooks is due in June, 2 weeks after us. Then Glenn and Talia are expecting Baby Grant in late May also. All these Boys....and then there are 2 other girls that I work with that are expecting around the same week as me both of who are also expecting boys. Only 1 confirmed girl so far and that's ours so that leaves all these potential boyfriends......And if she wants to date an older man she can always date Will.....wouldn't that be just great! Anjee and I can be inlaws! Our baby might have some competition with Will though..... he's already got 3 girlfrieds.... Miss Amaya, Miss Emma, and Miss Ellie (who he still needs to meet!)
Anyway congrats to all our friends that are expecting! We're so excited to meet everyones new additions to their families!

Sibling Bonding

Deuce just loves to hug and lay with his baby sister. It's turn into a ritual at night. When I am not working!...these pictures are from last week still.

I just got off a 3 day stretch of work. I survived! Although, I am not feeling so hot today. I think I am battling an ear infection and cold and have an appt tomorrow with the Nurse Practioner just to have them check my ear since it's been bothering me for over a week now. I get soo dizzy at times and feel flushed and faint. I thought maybe it's my equilibrium being thrown off from the ear ache. I know it's not my blood pressure since I have been taking that regularly and I've been drinking 2 liters of water a day and have to go to the bathroom seriously once or twice an hour so I know I am not dehydrated. I just find that I have to lay down or sit alot. There are no contractions though! And Baby Girl is moving around all the time so I am not too worried. I am starting to slow down a lil bit, literally....the extra 10-12 lbs on my front end doesn't allow me to have so much pep in my step. Brett was kind to point out my swollen ankles after my stretch of work days...more foot rubs for me! Ohhh the joys of pregnancy. For my pregnant pals out there you must read Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly Laughs" Friends of ours, Travis and Nicole, lent it to us when we first found out about the pregnancy and I just got done reading it. I just found myself saying "I totally know what she means!" and giggling throughout the whole book. Other then my more recent cold ailments I really do feel good. I can handle taking it easy for a few more months. Brett's been a real sport about picking up some of the slack in the house and catering to me :-). I just love my hubbie! Too bad I can't get Deuce to rub my back and feet or fetch me a cup of water....I'll settle for cuddle time with him though.