Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Arranged Marriages

Well it looks like our Baby Stephenson will have her pick of boys to be her boyfriend and even possibly future hubbie...(only after she's at least 25 though!...maybe even later if Daddy has a say!) We just found out that our friends Kendra and Matt are having a boy, due in July. Also, our friends Casey and Tod are expecting a boy, Baby Brooks is due in June, 2 weeks after us. Then Glenn and Talia are expecting Baby Grant in late May also. All these Boys....and then there are 2 other girls that I work with that are expecting around the same week as me both of who are also expecting boys. Only 1 confirmed girl so far and that's ours so that leaves all these potential boyfriends......And if she wants to date an older man she can always date Will.....wouldn't that be just great! Anjee and I can be inlaws! Our baby might have some competition with Will though..... he's already got 3 girlfrieds.... Miss Amaya, Miss Emma, and Miss Ellie (who he still needs to meet!)
Anyway congrats to all our friends that are expecting! We're so excited to meet everyones new additions to their families!

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Riecke's said...

Will may marry Helga ONLY if she has a lot of money..... He needs to take care of me when I'm old! So make sure she's no dumby! And the money has to be made legally! Deal? K! Or I could just move in with you and Brett and you can take care of me! Because Bill is heading toward an early stroke and I'm not wipin' the bung! After wiping arse all day at work, I'm not scrubbin' the hubbies huevos! Hope you are feeling better and maybe see you in the morn! Love ya'all!