Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Shower for Helga/Bernice/MiniMae

I did make it back to Phoenix with only a minor weather delay! yeah! While in Chicago besides the shower for Rachelle On Sunday my mom and her friend Linda hosted a shower for the baby and me at Linda's house. (My mom was one busy lady!) It was a WONDERFUL shower and I can't thank Linda and my Mom enough for all their hard work they put into the shower. It was so nice to see friends and family and to be able to celebrate with everyone. I loved showing everyone my ever growing belly with my baby girl! She was a trooper through the long weekend....let her mommy even manage to wear her stilettos and high heeled boots without causing problems! It was sooo fun opening up presents for Baby Stephenson. So many cute things and cute clothes! It just makes me that much more excited! I was soooo excited to get home to Brett and show him all the new things we got for our lil girl. He was even excited to see them all. We had fun putting it all away and coming one step closer to getting the nursery ready and prepping for the baby. This girl already has sooo many clothes. That's okay though....she'll take after mommy and her love for clothes! So I wanted to share a few pictures from the shower at Linda's.

Me Opening up presents....I had a lil helper named Sophia...

We love all the new baby clothes!

Sophia is demonstrating how this musical device works!

My Mom and I....cutting and serving the desert. Yummy....Mocha Cake!

Thank you everyone for coming to the shower and celebrating with us! We had a wonderful time and we truly appreciate all the wonderful presents! Brett, Baby Stephenson and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.


Riecke's said...

Ahhh..looks like so much fun. I won't by buying her any new clothes anytime soon. When she's a little older I'll just take her to the mall and we'll have a hayday! Since I seem to only have BOYS!!!!!!! And they aren't big mall rats! Glad you have a great time. The countdown is on!!!!!

Becky said...

Oh my gosh...TRIPLETS! Why didn't you tell me?!? So you decided to finally share their names, huh. Bernice, Helga, and Mae Jr. That's great. Glad to see you are using some Scandinavian names. Now you just need to have triplet boys and you can change your last name to Brady. See you tonight...most likely. -Becky