Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Early Valentines!

Brett and I celebrated Valentines day early this year since he had a 3 day weekend and to avoid the hustle and bustle of Thursday night so last night we had a date at the Olive & Ivy over in old town Scottsdale. It is located right off the new "waterfront" shopping place and I was very impressed. The atmosphere was very nice....very trendy and chic...typical Scottdale. Anyway, it was a nice evening to follow the 75 degree weather day. Even though I spent most of it in bed trying to fight this nasty cold. We had a pretty laid back Valentines this year...I got roses and he got a card....hehehe. He would have gotten something more if I had a car not in the shop! My car overheated on Saturday on the way home from work. I am pretty sure that it's time to retire my car and get a new one here in the very near future. We're actually still waiting for the autoshop to call and us and tell us what our ultimate damages are. Anyway, so that's the reason for our low key Valentines. We're prepping for bigger expenses in the near future :-) Speaking of, Baby Stephenson continues to do well....she likes to kick mommy to wake up. And she is just active as can be. I have a future Rockette here. Here's my 24 week and 4 day belly shot! This was taken last night after our night out.

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