Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rachelle's Bridal Shower

One of the events for this past weekend was Rachelle's Bridal Shower. It was held Saturday afternoon at Sheri's House. Sheri, my Mom, Rachelle's Aunt Joanne and myself were all hosts. Since Rachelle loves to bake we centered the whole shower around that theme. When guests arrived they painted dessert plates and a cake stand with well wishes, which will be glazed and given the the soon to be newlyweds to add to their fine china collection. We watched a photo montage of Andro and Rachelle which was beautifully done. Then we had a cooking demo which Rachelle and our Hired Chef demo'd how to make souffle and molten chocolate cake. While those were cooking and getting prepped we had a wonderful catered lunch. It was yummy. Rachelle opened a ton of was such a good time and it looked like our Bride to be enjoyed herself. Here are some pictures of the afternoon.

Rachelle and Chef Ruth:

Trini, Rachelle, and Carol (rachelle's mom)

Rachelle Displaying her masterpiece souffle:

We can't wait to have dinner at Andro and Rachelle's house now! With all their new stuff and Rachelle's fine baking skill!

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Becky said...

What a neat idea for a shower! Sounds fun!