Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are we a 2 Dog Household?

Turns out that it didn't take much to convince Brett to visit the animal shelter where Sparky was staying. He wanted just as much as me to check it out if this was indeed a distant relative of our Deuce. Yesterday afternoon we packed a baggie full of doggie treats and made the trek to South Phx to check out this puppy. We found the oasis the the middle of the ghetto that was a beautiful well kept animal shelter belonging to the AZ Humane Society. I was completely impressed. My biggest fear was going to a shelter that was run down, unkept, with poor living conditions and having more reason to take Sparky home with us. Anyway, we found Sparky in the shelter with no problem. The minute we asked anyone about where the "Greyhound Mix" pup was they all seemed to know. He's quite infamous there, mainly due to his unique breed and great personality. He was out and about being walked by one of the volunteers at the shelter and our chins dropped when we actually saw him. Other then the small marking on his nose and darker color he was a spitting image of Deuce. His demeanor, personality and mannerism were all Deuce! He did all the patent Deuce moves like putting his paws on your shoulders to get a hug when you bent down or walking under your legs to get you to pet his back. He was quite the sight to see! I tell you if it weren't for Baby Stephenson's impending arrival in 3-4 mos we would have taken him home! It broke my heart that at this time we aren't quite ready for the 2 dogs in our house especially since we just love our Deuce and always joke around about the only way we would get another if he was exactly like Deuce. Deuce and Baby Stephenson will leave for quite a crazy busy house I am sure. I know normally it would have taken quite some convincing beggin and pleading on my part with Brett to get him to agree to a 2nd dog, but I think he wanted it more then me! After hearing that he was a stray that was indeed at one point micro-chipped, approx the same age as Deuce we were convinced that it was indeed his brother. Unfortunately they were unable to trace back his chip to the owners. Anyway, what I wanted to share most with everyone was why it wasn't so bad to leave him there and not take him home with us. The AZ Humane Society- NINA MASON PULLIAM CAMPUS FOR COMPASSION was one the the best animal shelter facilities I have seen. It seriously looks like a hotel. Even better then some of the kennels or "pet resorts" that I have seen and checked out. Each kennel is large and clean for the animals. Each pup has a doggie bed with blanket or towel. All dogs that we saw had a chew toy of some sort in their kennel. All kennels come with a handy treat bag that sits right on the outside of the door for passer-byers to give the pups. There is park benches and grassy areas for when the dogs do get taken out and from the looks of it plenty of Volunteers that are strictly there to take the dogs out for a walk as they feel and want and to interact with the animals. Alright- I know in the big picture that this was not the plush luxurious life that most pups have, like our Spoiled Deuce, but it was soo nice to see. And don't get me wrong I still second guess leaving Sparky there. I really wish were able to take him home with sucked knowing that he was there the longest at over 3 weeks now, but the bright side better he there then any other Shelter I saw. Anyway, if you or anyone you know are ever in the market to adopt a pet please do check it out. Unfortunately it is not a "no-kill" shelter that would ideal, but after talking with the volunteers and workers there it sounds like they do everything they can before it gets to that point. The animals are well-screened to make sure that they are indeed adoptable before they take place them up and if they don't get adopted they have a foster pet program that places them in foster home until they do. If you aren't in the market but feel like you still want to help out Sparky and his friends you can check out their website for ways to do so.

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