Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're shopping for Mini Vans!

It's official...after exactly a week of being down to 1 car while "MissMae" was in the shop we got the news from the mechanic that we were better off buying a new car. Now, I always said that and for over a year now kept looking, but Brett would insist we wait. First it was after we got married and got thru those expenses and then it was after we got pregnant and then it was let's just drive "MISSMAE" until we absolutely can't. Well it's come to that point. We're doing the minimal repairs to get us some time to shop for a new car and be able to still trade her in. So it's car shopping for us! Woo Hoo! This ought to be fun. Brett's self diagnosed with ADD and insists it kicks in after 5 minutes of any sort of shopping and his patience level (and mine also) for any sort of cars salesman is near to zelch. So wish us luck for the next month as we shop for the perfect Mommy Mobile for me!!!! Think I can pull of a mini-van? hehe. I'm pretty sure NO on the Mini Van to go with Mommy and Mini Mae. I have a feeling we're gonna get a vehicle that Brett wants and will drive and I'll end up with his. I just want something that I can rely on and not worry about anymore. "MISSMAE" was good to us...she got us from AZ to Fargo, Chicago and back safely so we can visit our families for the holidays. She's just not so good anymore and I don't want to be 7-8-9 mos pregnant on the side of the road with a broke car or worse yet with a the baby in the sweltering summer here on the side of the road.

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