Wednesday, March 19, 2008

30 weeks and still loving it!

This is the latest expansive belly picture that I have to share! She's growing and I still feel good. Well, with the exception of my upset stomach last night, but we got past that. I guess the garlic cheese bread that I sooo wanted and got last night didn't really sit to well. I was nauseated and crampy all night. Good news is that I woke up fine. Baby Helga didn't like it either she tossed and turned all evening and night. Anyway, Brett leaves this weekend for his annual Boys Vegas trip. He'll be home this saturday so we'll still be able to have part of the weekend together. I have plenty of things to keep myself occupied this weekend....more nesting organizing and cleaning! So fun, and I am not kidding. I also have Will's 1st birthday Tonka Truck Party this saturday afternoon also. I have my 3 hour glucose test..wahoo! And I have my LAST and final real estate class! All things to help me actually procrastinate studying for the exam!

Anyway, so I'm without hubbie this weekend and I am sure he'll just have tons of fun without me and with the boys! I'm jealous, wish I could get away for the weekend. I know I can fly and travel thru my 32 wk...and some doctors even say longer, but I am too paranoid. I'm okay being here in Queen-Tucky. It's far enough from the hospital as it is.

And this is a lil message to Mitch Katz- This blog is revenge for the 7 years it did take Brett! How'd you know?! :-) Have Fun this weekend boys!


Riecke's said...

Oh my, you are enormous! Hee hee.. You look adorable! See you Saturday. Can't wait. I will not let Brett live this down though! Missing Will's 1st Birthday Party!!!!!! To be with the boys!!!! Some uncle he is! I'll remind Will of this on Brett's Birthday! Hee hee... Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You're still all baby. You're not going to have any problem fitting into your bridesmaid dress. You look fabulous! TTYL.