Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3rd trimester, 29 weeks!

I have been having nightmares lately that our Baby Girl is really a Boy. I've been hearing stories about how people find out the gender and totally prepare for that and then towards the end of the pregnancy they find out they are in fact have the other gender. That would stink!!! Especially for us since out nursery is practically done and that we have gotten soo many "girl" things for Baby Stephenson! Anyway, I was venting to the ultrasound tech at work about it and asking her how often the ultrasounds are wrong, which she say she has been wrong 3 times in the 18 yrs she has done ultrasounds so she offered to scan me and triple check that we have a Mini Mae and not a Mini Brett. We indeed in fact have our selves a Mini Mae. I got a quick glimpse of the baby and yet one more confirmation that it was a girl. Brett was bummed that I got to see her and he didn't, but that's one of the perks of working as a nurse I guess! I can breath a lil least the best I can now a days since the Baby is pushing up on my lungs now! I can keep her nursery the way it is and still shop for cute girly things! See her wardrobe collection already?! I love it....such cute things for lil baby girls! I don't think that I can ever not work or go part time at work forever just so I can continue's a flaw of mine my hubbie just loves :-)
I still haven't washed everything and taken the tags off of everything, but we're getting there! It's amazing how much she has already! I love going into the nursery and just organizing and checking out her growing wardrobe! Other news is that I have to go in for a 3 hour fasting blood sugar test next week. SUCKS! I didn't quite "pass" the 1 hour test...which the more I think of it doesn't surprise me considering the amt of sweets I eat. Anyway, it's a test to rule out gestational diabetes. It happens to a lot of pregos out there. I was bummed at first, but truly looking at the overall big picture I can have a lot of worse issues and I consider myself blessed that I don't have in regards to this pregnancy. That's NICU nurse Mae coming out. I have been having a pretty lucky and overall feel as though it's been a smooth 7 months thus far! If I do end up having to cut the sweets from my diet the next 10 -11 weeks then so be it! It'll be worth it! I'll have my sweet baby girl at the end! My blood levels are also a lil low, which isn't abnormal for me so I have to supplement with Iron vitamins now and eat more red meat! I guess it's just steaks at the Stephenson household....lucky Brett...and Deuce. So at first I was bummed to find out that my pregnancy now has it's flaws with the abnormal labs (with the exception of my contraction scare a few weeks ago), but now I've accepted it. It hasn't changed how I feel! I really love being pregnant. I feel great, I still don't feel like a umpa lumpa, which being five ft zero and having a beachball belly feeling like an umpa lumpa shouldn't be that difficult! I can still work. I get around just fine. I can still sleep well I still manage to wear my pre-prego jeans, with the help of the best invention out there, the Belly Band! Here is the picture of a belly band in use for those of you who don't know what it is. It's great and it holds up my pre-prego jeans without me having to button them! I still enjoy looking at my growing belly. Don't get me wrong, I still feel the minor aches and pains and I'm not exactly the same gal I was pre pregnancy, but it's all worth it! Life is good! So there is my 29 week update! I entered my 3rd trimester last week and we've begun the home stretch! Before you know it we'll have Baby Stephenson's pictures and updates posted all on this blog!

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Riecke's said...

I'm so sorry you have to do the 3 hour test. It wasn't toooo bad...okay, yes it was...but hey, it's Helga! What did you expect! Love the belly band. I grew in other places then the belly, so my band didn't last long. Can't wait to see the pics of Helga on the blog... woo hoo! Alright, off to bed! Night night!