Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy Week!

We've had quite the busy week since I have gotten back from my Chicago trip that continued thru the weekend so lots of updating! First off, Tuesday I had my monthly check up with the Baby Doctor and all is well with mommy and baby. I'll do my glucose test this week to make sure that I don't have gestational diabetes. That would suck for me because I crave crave crave sweets. Especially fruits. When I was in Chicago we went to my most favorite breakfast place and I had their infamous Apple Pancake....well it was HUGE and I couldn't finish it so I sent the left overs home with my mom since we were on the way to the airport. Now I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking the leftovers with me because that is all I think about! I know my mom won't eat it so I'm sure Hojo is enjoying it. Darn it! Anyway- back to my Doc appt, all is seems to be well. The doctor says I am growing fine and the baby looks to be growing fine. No more ultrasounds at this point unless there is a concern. Then on Thursday my Husband bought me a new car!!!!!! (well he did the wheelin and dealin...i still have to make the payments :-)) It's Gas Guzzler SUV actually, but PERFECT mommy mobile! NOT a Mini Van, but a '08 Nissan Armada. We've been looking and looking and desperate to replace the passat. He finally went on his day off and found the perfect one for me....okay us. It has all the bells and whistles that I would have should see the cup holders! :-) Kay minus the DVD which will go in soon along with changing out the Rims which Brett insists on doing. I'll be driving the other car for work since it's further in distance and truthfully I am scared to drive the Armada thru a parking garage. It takes me a few tries to get it into and out of our garage....even with the rear view camera! Brett laughs and laughs at me. Here's a picture of the's from the internet, not our actual one, but right color though! I'll post actually pics once I get them.

So then on Saturday we had friends over to celebrate Bill's 28th Birthday. Bill is a good friend of ours in case some of you don't know. Wonderful Daddy and Husband, great loyal friend.... Hope you had a wonderful birthday Bill and that your bday wishes come true this year!

The guys wanted to watch the UFC fight on pay per view also on that involved alcohol of course and one late night for us at the casa! I missed my morning Real Estate class on sunday morning since I was up til 2 am with friends...not drinking though!!!! Made it to the Noon class!
After my Class Brett and I made another fun purchase...we went to Babies R Us and got the glider chair and baby matress for the nursery. Here are some updated Nursery pictures.

We were so excited to be able to pick out the chair from the store and pack it up in the Armada and take it home that night! It fit in the SUV like a glove! It's sooo nice finally having a vehicle large enough to haul larger items! So the nursery still has a lil bit of work to do. Bedding and then decorating the walls. I put one thing on the wall that matches the bedding, but that was just to get an idea. I painted the letters of the babies name and hung them on some ribbon for the walls, but that will have to obviously wait to get hung. My mom has agreed to make the window valance since I don't really like the one that comes with the bedding. I just love her nursery and love putting it together. I am just sooo excited for her! Other then my one scare a few weeks ago I really love being pregnant. I don't mind the sore back or waking up to awful leg cramps. I'm still getting around fine and don't feel like an umpa lumpa.....though ask me that in a few weeks :-) It's so worth it especially when I feel her moving around. I finally figured out that she is laying with her feet on my left side. I love laying down to go to bed at night with Brett and having him feel my belly and watching her just move. Unfortunately, I see 27 week babies in the NICU all the time but they are so darn cute and for the most part do well. Of course I want my baby to stay in me for at least another 10 weeks and pray every day for that but if you are a NICU nurse you'll understand....I finally am past those gestational weeks of fear, 23-26 weeks. I pray and I hope that I feel this way the rest of the time of my pregnancy!
Anyway, I realized that I rarely put many pictures of my wonderful hubbie on this blog especially since it's been my growing belly pictures that I want to share so here's a picture taken last night while he was testing out the new chair...of course Deuce wanted to try it out to. I'm pretty sure that'll be the one and only time on the nursery chair.

Alright, and here are the latest giant belly pictures. This was 26 weeks and 6 days: On my way out the door to work.

This next picture is 27 weeks and 3 our kitchen getting ready for our friends to come over Saturday night.

It's finally warming up enough that we have our heat off and I can wear my flip flops and dresses! And it's not hot to the point where we need to have the AC on. I love this time of the year....especially one it comes down to paying the Electric bill and Gas bill (gas for the house....I'll never like the gas for the car bill anymore!) It's about 70's during the day and you have the sun shining right on you! Alright, I hope this finds everyone well! This has gotten rather long, but as you can see I had a lot to share!

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Tod and Casey said...

Hey Mae - Congrats on the new car! I will take any nursing school notes/books you can spare. I'm hoping to get my book list early so I can get them all purchased and start studing. I just can't wait to be a nurse!!! This really has turned out to be an amazing year, with the coming of our sweet baby and me on my way to my dream career. Have a great day, I hope all is well and take care!