Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pregnancy-Induced Stupidity

Supposibly a growing baby is supposed to suck the mom's brains cells and I didn't really believe it til this morning. I woke up at 5 am to get ready for a class I have to take for work. Get to work to only find out that my class is tomorrow morning. Sucks! Oh well, I'll have today off then I guess! Works out nice then I can spend it with the boys! Brett's family...Jamey, Mike, and Jamey's buddy are in town til Sunday.

I had my doctor appt yesterday. Good news was that my glucose test was negative and that I do not have Diabetes! Yeah! I can eat sweets guilt free! Sucky news is that I got another "warning" from my Doc to take it easy. I've been contracting...the normal braxton hicks that are supposed to be okay, but the past few weeks I have noticed them actually hurting a tad, which normally I don't get any pain or discomfort with the contractions. Long story short, My doctor ran a few tests and said I was still okay to work and do things without restrictions, but that I was to take it easy or I would really have restrictions. I have a feeling he's gonna make me cut down my hours at work, but knows that I really don't want to so thats why he hasn't insisted that yet. He's wanting to see me very 2 weeks now til my last month, then I'll go every week. So that's the latest. 31 weeks came up soo quickly! Still feel good and not like an umpa-lumpa...although I do have to roll out of the bed like I am a umpa lumpa. I don't have any pictures to include with this entry. They'll come soon. Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

No you don;t look like an umpa lumpa either. You look absolutely adorable. Take it easy you need "Helga" in there a little longer.