Friday, March 14, 2008

Shopping Problem

It's so hard to not shop for this baby! I can't wait til she actually comes that way my free time is taken up with her and then maybe I won't shop as much. I was shopping for a few presents that I actually needed to go and get and then I ended up at Gymboree where they were having a sweet sale on baby clothes. Hard to resist. I want to give this baby girl everything, but I know I have to draw the line somewhere. But see what I ended up getting....such cute things! The shirts on the left match the lil cute sailor shorts. How can I resist?! I did end up getting the presents that I needed to actually get and went shopping for to begin with....hopefully I there won't be a need for me to go shopping anymore and I can stay away from getting anymore things for our baby!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. If they didn't make such cute stuff it wouldn't be a problem. I'm getting better only because there have been so many clothes that Emma only wore once maybe twice and some not at all. I'm glad to know you're doing well. This is the best part of pregnancy. You're close to the end but not so miserable yet that you want it over. Enjoy. See you soon.


Riecke's said...

Hey, it's a girl... good mommy!

Tod and Casey said...

Hey Mae - I too have a hard time resisting all of the adorable baby stuff, especially clothing, for little Brooks. It is soo much fun. Don't hesitate. She will probably have too many cloths, she will probably have cloths that she will never wear, but who cares, it is fun anyway!