Friday, April 25, 2008

Maternity Pictures- taken at 29 weeks

I've been saving these pictures to share with everyone because I wanted my hubbie to see them first. The pics were taken when I was 29 weeks and they were part of his anniversary gift. As most of you all know I'm not the most patient one out there and when the anniversary gift came in the mail today I wanted to give it to him right away and couldn't wait the 2.5 weeks til our actual anniversary. The pictures were in a photo book of pics from our first year married that I had made....and the book was actually only a small part of his present. I still have to pick up his actual present so I don't feel so bad giving him part of his gift early.

Anyway, so here are my "maternity" pics! I did them myself so don't laugh...there not professional quality, but it did the job! I was actually feeling good pregnant back then...not so much now! Glad that I have them so I can remember that I didn't always feel huge and oompa lumpa my whole pregnancy!

That was then...this is now....

The above picture was actually a few days old....but you get the point. Still huge and only getting bigger. I had a DR. Appt yesterday. Baby's heart beat was going at about 150 which is normal and she's been head down and doesn't look like she's going to far from there. My belly is measuring right on and my weight gain is fine. His best guess is that she's no bigger then 5 lbs. I fear pushing out a 10 pounder. I think I was born only at 6lbs and a few ounces, but I personally believe I had a big head when I was born. You should see the pictures! My poor epidural either. For the most part I was a walking bobble head when I was little. I grew into my head. Am I going to have to push out a bobble head also?!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feeling like a house!

Alright, maybe I don't feel so much like a huge mansion....maybe more a starter home? Regardless, comparitively speaking I feel huge and adding on 22.54% of my pre-pregnancy body weight ought to do it....though who's keeping track right?! I'm not having too much fun with the pregnancy anymore. I did up until about 3 days ago. I've had such a good pregnancy up until now, that it was bound to happen. Brett continues to offer his kind words of encouragement... "we're nearing the end!" The back aches are constant and his back rubs are always welcomed and encouraged. I can't seem to get comfy in bed anymore and just get tied up in my once so favored snoogle. I'm always short of breath and have to ration out my activities for the day. I can't do anything without wanting a nap. Good news is that I do actually sleep...and for hours once I find that comfy position. The other day I logged in 13 hours with a much needed 1 hour nap mid day. This is what 8.5 months pregnant feels like huh? I'm still contracting about a dozen times a day so I'm really hoping that will work out in my favor and the baby will come earlier then 40 weeks. Anytime after May 12th! I have one more bi-weekly doctor appt and then it's weekly for me. Like the hubby's the home stretch!

So yesterday was our fellow First time Parents to be's baby shower. Casey and Tod. Casey works with Brett and she is due about a week or so after me. It's been fun having stories and first time pregnancy stories to compare. They live right down the road so I headed there for fun shower games and the unveiling of Baby Brooks new Baby gifts! They got so many cute things...they are having a boy and it was fun to see all the cute baby boy things and Brooks' nursery is soo cute! Brett was stuck at work til 5, but then last night we headed over to the "West Side" to visit some of Brett's old softball buddies to watch the UFC fight. Surprisingly enough I was into the fight. Then tonight I'm saving my appetite for dinner with the Fleetwoods. Plan is to meet them at the Keg....YUMMY! Good suggestion Kendra! Kendra and Matt are also first time parents to be that are due with Baby Gavin early July. Brett and I went over to Kendra's restaurant to hand deliver our baby announcement last November and she surprised us with the exact same news that they were expecting! We haven't seen them since so I am excited to have dinner with them. Anyway, so that's what this weekend has brought us. Hope all is well with everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update and 33 wks and 5 days

Technically with the leap year this year I am 33 weeks and 6 days. I like to take credit for every single day! My doctor still insists on going by the generic wheel thingy they use to estimate due dates so in his records I am 33 weeks an 1 day. I'm a NICU nurse....I want credit for every day!!! Of course Mini Mae will come when she wants. I'm holding out for at least one more month! Anytime after Brett and My's first wedding anniversary will be just fine for me. I'm thinking about changing my baby pool guess to the 17th. I'm liking May 17. With the way I've been contracting already I'm guessing early, just hoping not too early. I've been having alot of contractions lately. Some of them are starting to get "uncomfortable" but for the most part they are tolerable. I'm not getting any more then 4 or 5 in an hour and they don't last long, so it's not bad enough to warrant a hospital trip. I'm told time and time again contractions are normal. My body just preparing for the labor. Apparently my body needs very early prepartion then. Other then the contractions I'm feeling like I should at 8 mos pregnant. Getting short of breath at times, which I can be doing absolutely nothing and then get so winded so my guess is that Baby has shifted positions into my lungs. Baby Girl still has room to manage flips and cartwheels because I definately feel those as well as definately see them on the outside. My last doctor appt he told me th at she still remains head down which surprises me considering how much I feel her moving.

Brett and I enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend. Deuce's best buddy Bravo came and spent the weekend while his parents took a road trip to California. Deuce of course had a blast with Bravo. He wore himself out! They played and played and played all weekend long. The minute Bravo left Deuce crashed. He loves having his buddy around. Other then that, Brett and I managed a low key weekend. Errands and cleaning! Actually we just washed all the baby linens and baby clothes for that should last her the first few months. Only a few more weekends left by our lonesomes before we have the constant entertainment of a baby to fill our time :-)
I spent Saturday morning in traffic school also...that was soo fun! Learned my lesson. Just because I am in my nursing scrubs with my badge on as well as being 8 mos pregnant doesn't mean that the cop will let me get away with speeding. It's work in the past, and from what I hear it's an unspoken code of conduct with cops that you don't give nurses tickets, but I guess not in this case! After traffic school I enjoyed the afternoon at the park Celebrating Emma's 1st birthday~ She dove right into her birthday cake with no problem! So cute.

So there's the weekend update. Enjoy the photos. My belly's getting out there and as you can see it's starting it's droop!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Anjee's Vision of our Baby "Helga"

For those of you that don't understand, Anjee seems to think that Brett and I are going to be BLESSED with what seems to be a 30 LB child. She thinks I'm packing on the lbs and its obvious with both Brett and My's size (well my orginal size) that were definately gonna have a world record holder for largest baby. Just thought I would include some photos of some of the runner ups for largest baby.....

God help me Anjee if you've cursed me with a super large Helga!!!

33 wks and lots of updating!

So we just got thru another busy weekend. My most wonderful and fabulous friends Anjee, Joo, and Keri threw Brett and I a baby shower this past weekend. It was soo much fun and my Mom and Keri (one of the fabulous Shower hosts)flew into town for the event. It was held at Anjee and Bill's and it wasn't your typical baby shower because guys were there. They had a BBQ with shish-kabobs on the grill and we enjoyed the beautiful AZ weather....80- and sunny! I even had a surprise visit from an old College Buddy, Corey. He and his wife moved to North Carolina recently and it was definately a shock when he came walking thru the door. He was in town for work and knew about the shower and surprised me. TYpical Corey! It was great being able to have Brett there to enjoy the festivities also. We had a wonderful time and the girls and of course their Significant others went above and beyond for the shower. It was more then Brett and I could ever hope for and of course Baby Stephenson got more presents then she probably ever needs. So many cute clothes! I never have to shop again....doubt that will happen, but I don't have too :-). I had a great time visiting with my Mom and with Keri. I am so glad that they were able to be here for that. THANK YOU! and Thank you to everyone else who came and celebrated with us! We're so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives! Here are some of the pictures from the shower.

I am pretty sure that Brett's holding a "frosty beverage" in the picture but wanted to hide it so when Baby Stephenson looks back at her baby shower pictures she doesn't see that Daddy was drinking at her shower... :-)

My Fellow Mama to be....Casey....She's due with Baby Brooks a week or so after me! She looks so wonderful and happy!
Brett and I continue to do well. We start our "childbirth" classes tonight. I had another Doc appt this morning after work and all checks out well. Still growing and gaining weight right on pace. My ankles are turning into cankles and that's no fun. 12 hour shifts at work don't help that. I still feel good....slowing down a bit, but feel good. Continue to have pregnancy induced stupidity....last thurs night I went to work and wasn't even scheduled to work! It happened again! She's sucking my brain cells.....she better be a gifted genious child then! hehe. Baby Stephenson just keeps on kicking. In fact she likes to kick her daddy at night when we sleep. Still can't believe less then 2 mos away! Her nursery is done.....just have to clean all the clothes and officially hang her name on the wall.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

31+ weeks

There she blows! hehe....just thought I would include a quick picture of Me and baby. We had a wonderful weekend visiting with Mike, Jamey, and Andy (Jamey's Navy Buddy). And for the record I just wanted to share that I kicked ass playing putt putt golf vs the boys this weekend (well I took 2nd on the 2nd round, jamey beat me) BUT most importantly I kicked Brett's Butt both games. Brett thinks I had a "2 person" and mini mae. Whatever makes him feel better. :-) He normally kicks my ass in any thing we play, whether it be scrabble monopoly or whatever the game, he beats me and likes to rub it in. So it's my turn! Katz & Mott I am sure you won't let him forget it either.....have fun with this one.

Off to work!