Tuesday, April 1, 2008

31+ weeks

There she blows! hehe....just thought I would include a quick picture of Me and baby. We had a wonderful weekend visiting with Mike, Jamey, and Andy (Jamey's Navy Buddy). And for the record I just wanted to share that I kicked ass playing putt putt golf vs the boys this weekend (well I took 2nd on the 2nd round, jamey beat me) BUT most importantly I kicked Brett's Butt both games. Brett thinks I had a "2 person" advantage...me and mini mae. Whatever makes him feel better. :-) He normally kicks my ass in any thing we play, whether it be scrabble monopoly or whatever the game, he beats me and likes to rub it in. So it's my turn! Katz & Mott I am sure you won't let him forget it either.....have fun with this one.

Off to work!


rachellepaige said...

Ha--more like a 2 person disadvantage! Good work Mae!

Riecke's said...

I know you're bigger than that...come on, where's the update? Chubs! For those of you reading this and think I'm evil, well I am.... no, really, just jealous!

CM said...

So...does this effect Brett's celebrity look-a-like rating?