Wednesday, April 9, 2008

33 wks and lots of updating!

So we just got thru another busy weekend. My most wonderful and fabulous friends Anjee, Joo, and Keri threw Brett and I a baby shower this past weekend. It was soo much fun and my Mom and Keri (one of the fabulous Shower hosts)flew into town for the event. It was held at Anjee and Bill's and it wasn't your typical baby shower because guys were there. They had a BBQ with shish-kabobs on the grill and we enjoyed the beautiful AZ weather....80- and sunny! I even had a surprise visit from an old College Buddy, Corey. He and his wife moved to North Carolina recently and it was definately a shock when he came walking thru the door. He was in town for work and knew about the shower and surprised me. TYpical Corey! It was great being able to have Brett there to enjoy the festivities also. We had a wonderful time and the girls and of course their Significant others went above and beyond for the shower. It was more then Brett and I could ever hope for and of course Baby Stephenson got more presents then she probably ever needs. So many cute clothes! I never have to shop again....doubt that will happen, but I don't have too :-). I had a great time visiting with my Mom and with Keri. I am so glad that they were able to be here for that. THANK YOU! and Thank you to everyone else who came and celebrated with us! We're so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives! Here are some of the pictures from the shower.

I am pretty sure that Brett's holding a "frosty beverage" in the picture but wanted to hide it so when Baby Stephenson looks back at her baby shower pictures she doesn't see that Daddy was drinking at her shower... :-)

My Fellow Mama to be....Casey....She's due with Baby Brooks a week or so after me! She looks so wonderful and happy!
Brett and I continue to do well. We start our "childbirth" classes tonight. I had another Doc appt this morning after work and all checks out well. Still growing and gaining weight right on pace. My ankles are turning into cankles and that's no fun. 12 hour shifts at work don't help that. I still feel good....slowing down a bit, but feel good. Continue to have pregnancy induced stupidity....last thurs night I went to work and wasn't even scheduled to work! It happened again! She's sucking my brain cells.....she better be a gifted genious child then! hehe. Baby Stephenson just keeps on kicking. In fact she likes to kick her daddy at night when we sleep. Still can't believe less then 2 mos away! Her nursery is done.....just have to clean all the clothes and officially hang her name on the wall.


Tod and Casey said...

Mae - you are beautiful and where did you get that super cute pink shirt?!

Tod and Casey said...

Also - Let me now how you childbirth class goes. We had a lot of fun at our's last night.