Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feeling like a house!

Alright, maybe I don't feel so much like a huge mansion....maybe more a starter home? Regardless, comparitively speaking I feel huge and adding on 22.54% of my pre-pregnancy body weight ought to do it....though who's keeping track right?! I'm not having too much fun with the pregnancy anymore. I did up until about 3 days ago. I've had such a good pregnancy up until now, that it was bound to happen. Brett continues to offer his kind words of encouragement... "we're nearing the end!" The back aches are constant and his back rubs are always welcomed and encouraged. I can't seem to get comfy in bed anymore and just get tied up in my once so favored snoogle. I'm always short of breath and have to ration out my activities for the day. I can't do anything without wanting a nap. Good news is that I do actually sleep...and for hours once I find that comfy position. The other day I logged in 13 hours with a much needed 1 hour nap mid day. This is what 8.5 months pregnant feels like huh? I'm still contracting about a dozen times a day so I'm really hoping that will work out in my favor and the baby will come earlier then 40 weeks. Anytime after May 12th! I have one more bi-weekly doctor appt and then it's weekly for me. Like the hubby's the home stretch!

So yesterday was our fellow First time Parents to be's baby shower. Casey and Tod. Casey works with Brett and she is due about a week or so after me. It's been fun having stories and first time pregnancy stories to compare. They live right down the road so I headed there for fun shower games and the unveiling of Baby Brooks new Baby gifts! They got so many cute things...they are having a boy and it was fun to see all the cute baby boy things and Brooks' nursery is soo cute! Brett was stuck at work til 5, but then last night we headed over to the "West Side" to visit some of Brett's old softball buddies to watch the UFC fight. Surprisingly enough I was into the fight. Then tonight I'm saving my appetite for dinner with the Fleetwoods. Plan is to meet them at the Keg....YUMMY! Good suggestion Kendra! Kendra and Matt are also first time parents to be that are due with Baby Gavin early July. Brett and I went over to Kendra's restaurant to hand deliver our baby announcement last November and she surprised us with the exact same news that they were expecting! We haven't seen them since so I am excited to have dinner with them. Anyway, so that's what this weekend has brought us. Hope all is well with everyone!


Tod and Casey said...

Mae- you are so cute. Thank you so much for coming to our shower! We really had a great time and have had a blast putting things away in Brooks' room. I know you wont really feel any relief physically until the baby comes, but I hope you don't feel any worse. Sleeping is definetly a challenge, and it stinks when I finally get some good rest at about 4:30am only to have to get up at 6 :( But naptime is definetly welcomed and some of my best sleep. Please tell Brett I said hello and have a wonderful night!

Becky said...

You may feel like a mini-mansion with your mini-mae inside, but you look adorable. You are all baby, too, you lucky lady! You'll fit into that bridesmaid's dress in no time! Good night.

Riecke's said...

As beautiful as you are, you MUST spread those hips for Helga! How the heck is she going to get out of that little space?! You annoy me. I wish I could donate some of mine! Well, really I love ya and am rootin' for her to stay in til after May 12th. I'm thinkin' not though! Beware of conehead! Maybe that's what I'll start calling her!!! Hmmm.... yes, coney!