Friday, April 25, 2008

Maternity Pictures- taken at 29 weeks

I've been saving these pictures to share with everyone because I wanted my hubbie to see them first. The pics were taken when I was 29 weeks and they were part of his anniversary gift. As most of you all know I'm not the most patient one out there and when the anniversary gift came in the mail today I wanted to give it to him right away and couldn't wait the 2.5 weeks til our actual anniversary. The pictures were in a photo book of pics from our first year married that I had made....and the book was actually only a small part of his present. I still have to pick up his actual present so I don't feel so bad giving him part of his gift early.

Anyway, so here are my "maternity" pics! I did them myself so don't laugh...there not professional quality, but it did the job! I was actually feeling good pregnant back then...not so much now! Glad that I have them so I can remember that I didn't always feel huge and oompa lumpa my whole pregnancy!

That was then...this is now....

The above picture was actually a few days old....but you get the point. Still huge and only getting bigger. I had a DR. Appt yesterday. Baby's heart beat was going at about 150 which is normal and she's been head down and doesn't look like she's going to far from there. My belly is measuring right on and my weight gain is fine. His best guess is that she's no bigger then 5 lbs. I fear pushing out a 10 pounder. I think I was born only at 6lbs and a few ounces, but I personally believe I had a big head when I was born. You should see the pictures! My poor epidural either. For the most part I was a walking bobble head when I was little. I grew into my head. Am I going to have to push out a bobble head also?!


Anonymous said...

come on "Big Head Mae" you already know the answer to that question. But you were like the cutest bobble head baby girl, so I can only get excited about welcoming the new "big head baby" into this world!!!!

Darlene said...

Keep up the good work.