Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update and 33 wks and 5 days

Technically with the leap year this year I am 33 weeks and 6 days. I like to take credit for every single day! My doctor still insists on going by the generic wheel thingy they use to estimate due dates so in his records I am 33 weeks an 1 day. I'm a NICU nurse....I want credit for every day!!! Of course Mini Mae will come when she wants. I'm holding out for at least one more month! Anytime after Brett and My's first wedding anniversary will be just fine for me. I'm thinking about changing my baby pool guess to the 17th. I'm liking May 17. With the way I've been contracting already I'm guessing early, just hoping not too early. I've been having alot of contractions lately. Some of them are starting to get "uncomfortable" but for the most part they are tolerable. I'm not getting any more then 4 or 5 in an hour and they don't last long, so it's not bad enough to warrant a hospital trip. I'm told time and time again contractions are normal. My body just preparing for the labor. Apparently my body needs very early prepartion then. Other then the contractions I'm feeling like I should at 8 mos pregnant. Getting short of breath at times, which I can be doing absolutely nothing and then get so winded so my guess is that Baby has shifted positions into my lungs. Baby Girl still has room to manage flips and cartwheels because I definately feel those as well as definately see them on the outside. My last doctor appt he told me th at she still remains head down which surprises me considering how much I feel her moving.

Brett and I enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend. Deuce's best buddy Bravo came and spent the weekend while his parents took a road trip to California. Deuce of course had a blast with Bravo. He wore himself out! They played and played and played all weekend long. The minute Bravo left Deuce crashed. He loves having his buddy around. Other then that, Brett and I managed a low key weekend. Errands and cleaning! Actually we just washed all the baby linens and baby clothes for that should last her the first few months. Only a few more weekends left by our lonesomes before we have the constant entertainment of a baby to fill our time :-)
I spent Saturday morning in traffic school also...that was soo fun! Learned my lesson. Just because I am in my nursing scrubs with my badge on as well as being 8 mos pregnant doesn't mean that the cop will let me get away with speeding. It's work in the past, and from what I hear it's an unspoken code of conduct with cops that you don't give nurses tickets, but I guess not in this case! After traffic school I enjoyed the afternoon at the park Celebrating Emma's 1st birthday~ She dove right into her birthday cake with no problem! So cute.

So there's the weekend update. Enjoy the photos. My belly's getting out there and as you can see it's starting it's droop!

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