Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cat Naps and Still Functioning

When people tell you to enjoy yor sleep before you have a baby and to get plenty of rest, they aren't kidding!!!!!! I have yet to sleep more then 2.5 hours at a time since baby. Not's worth it. And I am still manage to stand up straight and function! All Miss Brooklyn does is eat and sleep with the occasional fussy spells which I'm so thankful the fussiness has gotten better since my "milk" has finally come in and she is eating better. I don't feel like I'm starving my child anymore either so my own fussy crying spells have gotten better, which I am sure Brett is pleased with that! Overall I'm glad to report we are both doing well. I'm feeling better each day....and Miss Brooklyn is getting cuter and more adorable each day! Of course she's making it thru all her cute outfits. I'm afraid she's going to grow so fast and never where most of the clothes so I make sure to change her with every oppurtunity and excuse I have. She's still so tiny that actually most newborn clothes she has are still a lil big. She had her first Dr. Appt Yesterday. She's still down from her orginal birth weight to 6 # 4 oz, but up an oz since she was d/c'd from the hospital. She's such a petite tiny lil thing it's so cute! Who would have thought you'd hear that from a NICU nurse who sees 2 lb baby's all the time! As you can see in the pictures she still a lil yellow and the Dr has been keeping closer tabs on her then normal to make sure everything is
okay. So far so good! Enjoy the pictures.....Brooklyn's callin!


Christine said...

did you think so many moms before you were kidding about the sleep? :0) Thank you for the pictures and the update. We were all talking about you and Brooklyn at the playdate today. Can't wait till we get to meet her. Take care. Enjoy your time. Before too long they're teenagers and you wonder how you thought they were so cute and sweet.

Riecke's said...

Loving the pics. She is so awake. We need to get together before she is walking! Hee hee. We'll wait til your company is gone, then bombard you!! Keep up the pics! Get some sleep. hee hee. yah right!