Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your Room is Ready Baby Girl!

Here's the completed nursery. Only missing item is Baby and Brett and I are more then anxious to have her come home too see her new room. It's WAY bigger then the housing set up she has going now! My wonderful mom made the window valance to match the room and she wanted to see a picture of it. She couldn't wait to see the room in person. I'm hoping and praying it will only be a few more days though before I can call her and tell her to hop on a plane her Granddaughter is coming! PLEASE let it be a few more days. I'm taking alot more walks and had this sudden burst of energy since the Dr. told us I was actually dilated. And vaccuming the house way more then needed. The walks have been refreshing and comforting. I feel soo much better the more physically active I am. I really don't feel miserable and actually the times that I do feel the worst is when I get up from sitting for a while and muscles are all tightened up and that when I'm the most crampy. I usually have to waddle for a while til my body readjusts. Last night at work I walked around a whole lot more and didn't feel miserable. I hate admitting this cuz I don't want to give baby any ideas on hanging out in mommy's belly any longer. We'll see if I still feel that way after working Fri, Sat & Sun. I'm sure my swollen ankles and feet will beg to differ. So who knows....maybe I'm just destined to go the full 40 weeks for this baby. Brett says that if Baby is anything like mommy she won't patient and wait the 40 wks to show her face. I say if baby is like Daddy she'll be waiting til 42 weeks. took him 6 years of dating me to finally propose? Now I have this blog to seek revenge (right Mitch?)


Tod and Casey said...

Mae - Her room is beautiful! She is going to love it!

Riecke's said...

You're also missing the letters on the wall. Dang. Thought maybe you'd slip! Can't wait til she's here and Will can pick on her! Yah right, he will be so sweet with her. He loves babies...because of course he doesn't think he is one anymore!

Anonymous said...

Since you've got all that time to make magazine covers and do extra vaccuuming, how come u don't have enuf time to call your old friend back?!! It's been weeks? the baby's not here yet!...but can't wait