Tuesday, May 20, 2008


38.5 weeks according to my Doctor. 39 weeks according to me. Still nothing!! I contract all the time. Last night I was having them pretty regularly every 10 minutes for about 4 hours. I finally got myself to sleep and woke up and they subsided. Sucks. I thought we'd get somewhere by this morning for sure. I spent the afternoon walking and pacing the mall. I parked far from the door on the opposite side of the mall from the store I needed to go to. I walked the mall for a few hours. Side Note: There are some great sales out there right now with the if-y economy and the tax rebates that everyone is getting. Tonight Brett and I waited for the sun to go down and walked the neighborhood. If you're in AZ you're quite aware of the record heat we've got the last 3 days. 110 yesterday! I couldn't believe it. I didn't move far from the house yesterday.....went up and down the stairs to keep some sort of movement going. I know eventually Baby will come out, but I'm getting pretty discouraged about actually having this baby before my due date. That's still another week and a half!!! OH well, baby Stephenson's just proving that she's about run this household and call the shots...oh lord. I have another Dr. Appt tomorrow. Brett has the day off and he'll be joining me. Hopefully to help convince my Doc that it's time to talk induction!!! Maybe?! I hope to have better things to share over the next few days.
Here are the latest pictures taken this afternoon.
Deuce wondering if his Baby Sister is Stuck in Mommy's Belly.

Some Cuddle time with Mommy.

What's that Daddy? Can I have some?!

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