Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Tomorrow at 7am we're going to the hospital to be induced! My pout face with the Dr. convinced him it was time...that and my rising blood pressure was of concern. Last night was a rough night after the Dr. appt. He had done a few inducing techniques to see if I would go into labor even sooner then Friday and I was up at 1 am with contractions that had quite the bite to them. Brett took the day off thinking that it might just happen today since I had such a miserable morning. By mid day the contractions had settled. I thought for sure we'd be making the trip to the hospital earlier. Oh well. But I am will confess that the bit of contractions that I had this morning really confirms I'm getting that epidural ASAP. I hope it works and I'm not that slim population that it just doesn't work with. I was having a tough time just breathing thru the contractions that I did have I can't imagine pushing a baby out. I'm a secret there! Anyway, so my Mom caught a flight earlier this morning and we spent the day with her. I took a nap once the pain finally went away and then the 3 of us headed to the Mall to walk a bit. I wanted to walk outside but AZ's getting some funky weather and it was pouring rain out so we had to walk indoors. Monday it was record high 110 and then today it was record low 53! Can you believe that? I love and welcome the overcast skies and rain. Reminds me of Chicago! And it's supposed to continue thru tomorrow....sounds like the perfct day to have a baby!!! Alright, wish us luck! Can't wait to get back home and share pictures and stories of Our Baby's Birthday!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you. Call with the details. If it's ok I'll try to come by and see you and that bouncing baby girl.


Riecke's said...

I love her! From, Will :)

Riecke's said...

okay pictures please. I can't imagine you are busy. hee hee... i can't wait to see her again. Of course she was beautiful, but i'm sure she has changed in the last couple of days!!!!!