Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally!!! 4.5 Hours!

Last night the Stephenson House finally got some rest. After feeding Brooklyn at 1245 last night I finally got her to sleep by 145, it was 630ish by the time we got up again to feed. 4.5 hours at least, almost 5 hours of sleep!!! If I wasn't in complete shock and didn't feel so guilty I probably could have gotten more. I woke up before her with Brett's morning alarm. I finally caved and had to wake Brooklyn up to feed her. She was stirring a lil bit, but never really woke up enough to feed so I actually had to wake her up since it was going on 6 hrs since her last meal. They say to not go longer then 4 to 5 hrs between feeds while she's soo young, but there is no way I'm not going to pass up on a lil extra sleep and wake a sleeping baby! She's nearly 6 wks old's okay to let her sleep as long as she can at night right? Anyway, I'm sooo excited to finally have gotten some sleep, that I had just had to share my great news!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brett made it home yesterday after his long week in Ohio. Keri came from San Diego to keep us company while he was away and we have been enjoying her visit! Here she is with Ms. Brooklyn after her bath on Thursday night.

We've been hanging out and just relaxing since she's been in town. Made it to her favorite restaurant, Zipp's for lunch. I wasn't going to let her go visiting AZ without making it to Zipps.

Here's Mommy and Brooklyn on our way out to pick up Daddy on Friday night. Brooklyn got all dressed up to pick up Daddy.
She was even sporting her "Uggs" that Daddy bought for her during Xmas time. They finally fit her. Fashion shouldn't matter even if it's 115 out....I'm teaching her early!

This afternoon Brett and I had lunch with the Heetland Family! Kelly and Shauna are in visiting from San Francisco. Brooklyn enjoyed meeting her extended family and really loved being held by Auntie Shauna, Uncle Kelly and Grandma Joan. Joan and Denny agree that Brooklyn has Brett's Chunky cheeks from when he was a baby. Here she is with Kelly holding her, and then Kari (Heetland) Myers and her 15 mos son, Adam. Isn't he the cutest toe head?!

Kari and Joan made Brooklyn the cutest present. It's a baby set that includes changing cloth, burp cloth, bib and blankie. Here's a picture of the set....

Kari has started her own company, Adam's Blankie, where she makes homemade baby products. I have posted her website under "Links" on the side bar of the sure to visit it and pass it on to friends! She has some cute things!

While Brett and I were at lunch, Nicole, Jason, and Kendall came to visit. Keri and them went to lunch and we got the chance to hang out after we got home from lunch.
Brooklyn wasn't the happiest during this photo shoot either as you can tell....she was woken up from sleeping on Auntie Keri and didn't want to be disturbed

Here's Happy and Sweet Kendall, making good friends with Deuce.

This is Auntie Keri snuggling Brooklyn prior to her being woken up for picture time.

Brooklyn has had a rough week. It started with having Breast Milk and feeding issues, which we thankfully fixed. Then she had her 1 mos immunizations on tues. On weds she had her tongue "clipped" and was miserable. Then yesterday she developed a cold and has been miserable. Poor thing...I've been keeping close tabs on her to make sure the cold doesn't develop into something worse. I'm telling you....It's way different when it's your own baby!!! I hate seeing her sick and miserable...not that it's okay when it's a patient of mine, but it's way worse when it's your own baby. Breaks my heart! She's doing somewhat better today...her congestion/cold just sounds worse then it may be. Alright.....better get going...Bath time! Keri's learning basic Baby care.... She now can hold Brooklyn over hard surfaces! She's working on being able to transfer her to someone else's arms over hard surfaces!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends, Boyfriends, and Doctors....

This morning Brooklyn and I joined our friends at Becky's house for Breakfast and swimming. We didn't participate in the pool party since I feel Brooklyn's still a lil young and I'm not about to get in any bathing suit 5 weeks after giving birth! I would love to be one of those women that are able too...but that just wasn't in the cards for me! Brooklyn was Ms. Social this morning...stayed brighted eyed and bushy tailed throughout the morning....

She shared her carseat with Amaya...

Took a lil dip in the pool before heading to the shade to hang out with her new Boyfriend Brooks....

Looks like a match made in Heaven! They hit it off really time though hopefully Brooks will wake up for their date.

Pool Party Crew....

Sun Bathing Princess... Ellie!

Brooklyn and I took off from the pool party to go to another Dr. Appt today. She has to have a "frenulectomy" done to day by a specialist. In other words the piece of tissue that connects the bottom of her tongue to the bottom of her mouth is a little bit longer then most which may cause problems with her feedings. Anyway, the procedure is quick and pretty simple involving a pair of scissors, the Dr., cries from Brooklyn, and tears from Mommy. IT SUCKED! I'm a Nurse with lots of experience with gruesome bloody procedures, but when it's your own baby it's a whole lot different. And the procedure Brooklyn had done wasn't even that was just a simple snip under her tongue and she immediately ate afterwards without a problem. My concern now is that she's gonna be cranky tonight and I have no back up to help with fussiness should she choose to get cranky. Wish Us luck!

Anyway, it looks like its about to storm here and I better roll in the garbage bin before it fills with water. Have a good night everyone!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Alone

Brett left yesterday to go to Ohio for work and It's just Me Brooklyn and Deuce. Although Brooklyn has kept me busy all day long I am still very lonely without my hubbie. I don't know how I could ever do it if he were to travel frequently for work. It has been barely 24 hours and I miss him!

Brooklyn and I have had some issues with Breastfeeding lately. Turns out that I am producing way too much milk...and although that shouldn't seem like a problem, it is. Without getting too detailed about it, my 10 ounces that I produce for a feed isn't a good thing and I know have to get my milk supply back down to what Brooklyn actually takes....which should be more like 4. Since this has become an issue Brooklyn has had issues latching on and feeding. She eventually latches on and does her feed, but it's a major struggle between us. It's breaks my heart to see her just pitch a fit trying to breastfeed. So yesterday Brooklyn and I visited with the Lactation Nurse and she helped us get back on track. We're doing better with the feeding and she no longer pitches a fit when it's feeding time. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she continues to do well. We had our Dr Appt. for her 1 month check up today. She's 9# 3 oz. That's 2 lbs in 2 weeks! Apparently I am feeding her just fine! Everything else checked out fine. She's officially 1 month old yesterday. She's spending more time awake during the day and she actually let Mommy sleep a bit last night...I had to wake her up to feed her! So all is well here. We're just lonely without Brett. At this time of night we are normally looking foward to him coming home from I have to look forward to a phone call when he gets back to the hotel in Ohio.

Alright, I better go....Sorry no pics today. We have a playdate tomorrow so I'll make sure to post some pictures from that.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photo Day.....

We went to the "professional" photo studio today to get some pictures done, and both Brett and I agreed that we could have done a better job. Nonetheless we still ended up spending our money and getting some pictures. From the 100 plus images that they actually took, we only liked maybe 6 of them, which that was even a stretch to say that we like them. We had an appt for 1215, but when we got there 10 minutes early the studio had 3 families ahead of us and we didn't actually start til Brett and I got lunch in the meantime. By the time we actually sat to take the pictures Brooklyn was hungry and she didn't have her best photo shoot. They did however give all the pics on CD so I was able to take them home and photo shop them on our computer and make them a lil bit more decent. Here's a couple of the pictures.... (after I photo shopped them!)

By the way...the outside temperature on the car was reading 124!!!!!!! YUCK!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Older and Bigger

Brooklyn is 4 weeks old today and to mark this event she's grown out of her newborn diapers and into size 1! I'm sooo sad, I can't believe she's getting so big....I wanted her to stay the size of a peanut! Oh well! It's these little milestone markers that leave excitement in our day here! She fits more of her clothes now which makes dressing her for the day more fun for me. She's way more social these days and I just love all her facial expressions. I love when she's awake and looking around, like she's just taking in all her surroundings. Of course I don't like it so much in the middle of the night! My day with her just seems to fly by. I love being home with her and I don't want to think about when I have to go back to work. Ughhh.

Brett is on his way home right now from work...he's excited to start his weekend with his girls I am sure. Tomorrow we have our professional pictures for Brooklyn. I figure I should get her "newborn" pictures done before she gets too big. I wonder how much $$ we'll end up spending there! And then next week Brett will be gone all week long for work and I am dreading it! I hate when he's not here at night. It's funny to think that I used to live by myself not more then 3 years ago. How did I function?! I'm saving all my projects for next week to occupy my time. Keri comes on thursday though for a visit so it'll only be 3 nights by ourselves. I don't know what I would do if Brett had to travel overnight for work more least this is just for training. Alright I better get going and figure out what's for dinner. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brooklyn and Mommies Day

Today Brooklyn and I had to drive into Phoenix to pick up Mine and Brett's anniversary cake topper from the wedding.

The cake people remake our top layer wedding cake for our 1st year anniversary... I just never got around to ordering and picking it up til now! That was a 2.5 hour car ride, round trip. So that took up our morning! Now Brooklyn is taking a nap while I get a moment to myself! Yesterday I bought a new sling for Brooklyn and I. It's called the Moby and I am in love with it!

It's my new found best friend. I can do soo much more while carrying Brooklyn because it frees up both my hands! She's totally secure up against my chest and she just snuggles up and falls straight to sleep whenever she's in it. The only draw back is that with the hot weather now she can get rather hot in it so I would only use it where A/C is on! For any other mom's out there I would definately recommend it and check it out! And's a good workout too! I almost feel like I am preggos again because I carry all her weight right up front...that might not seem like such a bonus to some people out there! Now Brooklyn and I are just waiting for Brett to come home from work since he's off early today. I can't wait for him to get home to give me an extra hand with Brooklyn. Our goal lately has been to have her be awake and social as much as she can as is willing during the day so she sleeps well at night....then we sleep well! She'll wake up twice during the night and the only struggle that I have is that she doesn't fall back to sleep right away after she's done eating. And I have to be sneaky about putting her back in the bassinet when I think she has finally fallen asleep. She'll cry if she hasn't quite fallen into deep sleep yet and realizes she isn't being held. Kay, new mom question....Is this a problem?! Am I screwed for the future?!

How can you not want to hold this sweet face?! And when she cries now she gets big girl tears and everything, it's really quite sad to watch her cry like she absolutely miserable....I'm such a sucker!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweets!

Birthday wishes to my dear Friend Keri!!!!!!! She's all the way in California so we can't celebrate together, but I'll be seeing her next Thursday when she comes in for a visit! I can't wait!!!! I hope your birthday is wonderful and that you have a wonderful 29!!!!! I'm sure this year will be full of joy and happiness for you!

Keri- make sure we take some pictures together next weekend so I have some more up to date pics of us!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Who do I look like?!

It's been an ongoing debate at our house about who Brooklyn resembles most. I think it varies from day to day.....but anyway I found our Baby Pics to compare and thought you all should decide.

Who said it couldn't be done?

We thought life would change around here after the time to do more sleep....the baby's schedule dictates ours. NOPE! Brett has managed to continue doing everything he did even prior to Brooklyn. I kept thinking after the Baby comes he won't have that much time for video you can see I was quite mistaken. True Stephenson he is....I'm sure this makes Uncle Jamey very proud right now!

That's how he spent bonding with Brooklyn on Father's Day! She didn't seem to mind.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy Day!!!!!

Daddy and Brooklyn Quality time. She got all dressed up for her Daddy to celebrate his first Father's Day. Brooklyn came just in time! For Daddy Day Mommy and Brooklyn (+ Deuce) have agreed to add to Brett's "Ink" collection....he just has to figure out what and where he wants it then we'll go get it. Today has been a relaxing day...we had to run an errand and go to the Bridal store clear across town so I can get some alterations done on my Bridesmaid dress for my Brother's wedding. I don't like having to drive that far with just me and Brooklyn cause I don't know how she'll do in a ride that long, so I had Brett come with us. He was quite the sport sitting there waiting the long time while they pinned the dress to it's proper fit. Tonight I am sure we'll be watching the NBA playoffs and I'll be fixing dinner. Pretty low key, but that's how we like it. The last few nights have been quite exhausting since Ms. Brooklyn wanted to have social hour most of the night and when she wasn't wanting to be social she was wanting to grub every 2 hours. I think she's going thru a growth spurt that's why she's wanting to eat so much more often right least I hope that's why. It takes me about and 1 hour to feed her and to get her back to sleep, and then no more then 1 hour later she's up again!
Here she is during social hour...making silly faces for the camera!

She's figured out how to effectively spit up after she's done eating her full meal also. That left for some linen and clothing changes for both Mommy and Brooklyn in the middle of the night that wasn't so fun. You see why we are looking to have a low key relaxing night?! Were really hoping for this tonight.......

She's up right now having her social hour early with Daddy so I am hoping she'll rest better tonight!

The other day Brooklyn's older and wiser friend, Amaya came to are some pictures from their visit.

Amaya's definately going to show Brooklyn the ropes!!!!

And last night we had dinner with the Riecke Crew....

Thanks guys for dinner!!!! When do you want to invite us out again?! hehe....OUR invite next kay?! We'll have to do something after you get back from your trip to Salem! We're officially "inviting" you so tell us what works good for you! We had dinner at Gordon Biersch...seems to be the popular spot for Anjee and I this past week!

And then here are some more pictures from today.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!!!!!!! We hope you all enjoy your day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tubby Time!

We've been postponing doing Brooklyn's first official tub bath since we were having a few issues with her umbilical cord. I was worried that it was a lil infected at first so I wanted to make sure it dried up well and healed well even after the cord officially fell off. It fell off last week at some point and we've just been doing sponge baths til last night when she had her first offical tubby! Not a fan of the Tub that we had purchased for her, but it'll do the job. I thought for sure she would scream thru the whole thing like she does with her sponge baths, but she actually liked it. Once we got her in the warm water she seemed quite content.

I look foward to the next bath we have to give her.

On different note, we got the official word last night that Casey and Tod had their first baby last night. Baby Boy Brooks was born at 1023 pm and weighed 9 lbs! He was 22 inches long! I'm so excited to hear all about their experience and how they're doing once Casey feels up to it. I also can't wait to meet him or even just see more pictures. I also can't wait to introduce Brooklyn to her future MR. Right! hehe! Congrats Rodenbaugh Gang!!!!!!

The visitors just keep on coming! I love it! Joo and Ellie came by yesterday to visit and hang out. It's so nice to be able see everyone and I welcome any visitor at anytime...I'm starting to feel trapped in the house since I don't want to be going out much with the Heat and Brooklyn. I'm so used to being able to come and go as I pleased from this house without having to worry about much before Ms. Brooklyn joined us, and like I have mentioned before it has become quite the production to leave the house. So anytime anyone wants to visit feel free :-) You'll just have to make the trek out to Queen-Tucky! Becky, Amaya and "Mama" Becky will be our visitors for today. They'll be by a lil after that means i better pick up the house a bit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love being a Mommy!

Things are going well here at the Stephenson household. Brett had the day off today so I took advantage of him being home and went grocery shopping. It's such a "task" to go anywhere now when I have to take Brooklyn, which I don't mind of course! We actually went to lunch yesterday with Anjee, Will, "Grandma" Vicki, and Amy

afterwards made a quick stop at Brett's work to say hi since we were right down the road. Hauling around the car seat and the stroller can be quite the task and plus it is 100+ degrees outside now so that's always a factor! Miss Brooklyn is definately doing well. She's growing and feeding well which is always a huge concern of mine. She's done well breast feeding, thank god, so every so often we have her drink out of the bottle. I save the bottle feeds for Brett. I'm afraid to have her drink too much from the bottle so she only gets it about once a week. Once she does better with the breast feeding I think I'll have her do it more often. Who knows if that's the right way to do things....what I have learned is that there is no exact science to baby care! Everything I learned in school, and read in books, or "googled" online I use as a guide, but most importantly I'm definately learning as I go and learning to trust the "mommy" instinct. She's even getting to the point where she's outgrown my NICU knowledge! Overall I think we're both adjusting to each other fairly well. I love snuggling her and giving her kisses and just simply being with her. It's still surreal to me when I wake up to her crying in the middle of the night. I love seeing how much she's changing on the daily basis. Some days I think she looks like Brett and some days I really think she looks way more like me. I enjoy her now being so small and so little, but I am also very excited to see her grow. It was fun seeing how Big Will (anjee's Son) who is now 14 months has gotten yesterday at lunch. How he has turned into such a little Man and has developed such a fun personality. He was cute with Brooklyn and being "nice" with her.

I look foward to that stage with Brooklyn, but I want to cherish every moment of her now because I know she's growing quickly. Here are some more pictures. Like every new mom out there I can't seem to take enough pictures!

Big Brother Deucer being ultra protective of her. We thought it was cute at 1st until Deuce growled and snapped at me when I tried to pick up Brooklyn.

Ms. Brooklyn at her sweetest moments....

Caught her having a good dream and smiling....(or passing gas!)