Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brett made it home yesterday after his long week in Ohio. Keri came from San Diego to keep us company while he was away and we have been enjoying her visit! Here she is with Ms. Brooklyn after her bath on Thursday night.

We've been hanging out and just relaxing since she's been in town. Made it to her favorite restaurant, Zipp's for lunch. I wasn't going to let her go visiting AZ without making it to Zipps.

Here's Mommy and Brooklyn on our way out to pick up Daddy on Friday night. Brooklyn got all dressed up to pick up Daddy.
She was even sporting her "Uggs" that Daddy bought for her during Xmas time. They finally fit her. Fashion shouldn't matter even if it's 115 out....I'm teaching her early!

This afternoon Brett and I had lunch with the Heetland Family! Kelly and Shauna are in visiting from San Francisco. Brooklyn enjoyed meeting her extended family and really loved being held by Auntie Shauna, Uncle Kelly and Grandma Joan. Joan and Denny agree that Brooklyn has Brett's Chunky cheeks from when he was a baby. Here she is with Kelly holding her, and then Kari (Heetland) Myers and her 15 mos son, Adam. Isn't he the cutest toe head?!

Kari and Joan made Brooklyn the cutest present. It's a baby set that includes changing cloth, burp cloth, bib and blankie. Here's a picture of the set....

Kari has started her own company, Adam's Blankie, where she makes homemade baby products. I have posted her website under "Links" on the side bar of the sure to visit it and pass it on to friends! She has some cute things!

While Brett and I were at lunch, Nicole, Jason, and Kendall came to visit. Keri and them went to lunch and we got the chance to hang out after we got home from lunch.
Brooklyn wasn't the happiest during this photo shoot either as you can tell....she was woken up from sleeping on Auntie Keri and didn't want to be disturbed

Here's Happy and Sweet Kendall, making good friends with Deuce.

This is Auntie Keri snuggling Brooklyn prior to her being woken up for picture time.

Brooklyn has had a rough week. It started with having Breast Milk and feeding issues, which we thankfully fixed. Then she had her 1 mos immunizations on tues. On weds she had her tongue "clipped" and was miserable. Then yesterday she developed a cold and has been miserable. Poor thing...I've been keeping close tabs on her to make sure the cold doesn't develop into something worse. I'm telling you....It's way different when it's your own baby!!! I hate seeing her sick and miserable...not that it's okay when it's a patient of mine, but it's way worse when it's your own baby. Breaks my heart! She's doing somewhat better today...her congestion/cold just sounds worse then it may be. Alright.....better get going...Bath time! Keri's learning basic Baby care.... She now can hold Brooklyn over hard surfaces! She's working on being able to transfer her to someone else's arms over hard surfaces!


Tod and Casey said...

Hey Mae - Your friend Kari is very talented. Her baby stuff for Adam's Blankie is beautiful.

Ricky said...

I miss my wife! Anyway, I'm so happy to see her(Keri)having fun with her new niece from Arizona, Brooklyn(not New Yawk) and her extended family. I think Keri is a natural with newborn logistics, but only practice makes perfect in the real world. Brett and Mae-you're the best! Duecer-you're not so bad also.