Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brooklyn and Mommies Day

Today Brooklyn and I had to drive into Phoenix to pick up Mine and Brett's anniversary cake topper from the wedding.

The cake people remake our top layer wedding cake for our 1st year anniversary... I just never got around to ordering and picking it up til now! That was a 2.5 hour car ride, round trip. So that took up our morning! Now Brooklyn is taking a nap while I get a moment to myself! Yesterday I bought a new sling for Brooklyn and I. It's called the Moby and I am in love with it!

It's my new found best friend. I can do soo much more while carrying Brooklyn because it frees up both my hands! She's totally secure up against my chest and she just snuggles up and falls straight to sleep whenever she's in it. The only draw back is that with the hot weather now she can get rather hot in it so I would only use it where A/C is on! For any other mom's out there I would definately recommend it and check it out! And's a good workout too! I almost feel like I am preggos again because I carry all her weight right up front...that might not seem like such a bonus to some people out there! Now Brooklyn and I are just waiting for Brett to come home from work since he's off early today. I can't wait for him to get home to give me an extra hand with Brooklyn. Our goal lately has been to have her be awake and social as much as she can as is willing during the day so she sleeps well at night....then we sleep well! She'll wake up twice during the night and the only struggle that I have is that she doesn't fall back to sleep right away after she's done eating. And I have to be sneaky about putting her back in the bassinet when I think she has finally fallen asleep. She'll cry if she hasn't quite fallen into deep sleep yet and realizes she isn't being held. Kay, new mom question....Is this a problem?! Am I screwed for the future?!

How can you not want to hold this sweet face?! And when she cries now she gets big girl tears and everything, it's really quite sad to watch her cry like she absolutely miserable....I'm such a sucker!


Riecke's said...

You look like you have a back brace on. heee hee. looks like a great idea. Will wouldn't have dug it. He didn't like being held. Mr Independent! She will eventually sleep more. She is still teeny! Okay, off to show MJ more pictures of STD's! Aren't you excited for teenhood?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I love my Moby too! Just wish I had gotten it before Wyatt was born so he could have gotten more used to it. Still great for going to the store though. Brooklyn's still little so she needs the closeness & attention, though speaking from personal experience times 2 - letting her fall into a deep sleep by feeding her isn't the "best" method. Austin developed the bottle as a sleep association & now with Wyatt I try to make sure he's still partially awake before I lay him down for the night or naps. It's hard though to keep them awake if they're nursing - it's so easy to drift off with the warmth of Mommy & all. Don't worry, even if she does get used to it, you'll be able to break her of it. Enjoy her while you can.

Elizabeth said...

If you're screwed, I'm screwed b/c I have been totally spoiling Elijah as well. He just seems like he sleeps so much better in my arms. If he's in his basket he's all squirmy and grunty. I'm glad to hear you like your moby wrap. I have a snugli and it's very uncomfortable on my back. I was debating on getting a moby wrap or a storchenwiege wrap. It's so hard to pick and they're not exactly cheap! Aren't you just loving giving Brooklyn all the attention you can while you're off. I love giving Elijah kisses on his sweet little face and neck. Anyways..she's definitely a cutie!

The Nutting Family said...

That's funny about your cake- its a good idea! Glenn and I froze the top layer ourselves... then ate it a year later on our anniversary! I bet yours tasted a lot better :)