Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally!!! 4.5 Hours!

Last night the Stephenson House finally got some rest. After feeding Brooklyn at 1245 last night I finally got her to sleep by 145, it was 630ish by the time we got up again to feed. 4.5 hours at least, almost 5 hours of sleep!!! If I wasn't in complete shock and didn't feel so guilty I probably could have gotten more. I woke up before her with Brett's morning alarm. I finally caved and had to wake Brooklyn up to feed her. She was stirring a lil bit, but never really woke up enough to feed so I actually had to wake her up since it was going on 6 hrs since her last meal. They say to not go longer then 4 to 5 hrs between feeds while she's soo young, but there is no way I'm not going to pass up on a lil extra sleep and wake a sleeping baby! She's nearly 6 wks old's okay to let her sleep as long as she can at night right? Anyway, I'm sooo excited to finally have gotten some sleep, that I had just had to share my great news!


Tod and Casey said...

Congrats Mae! And yes, it is ok to let her sleep until she wakes to feed. She will let you know when she is hungry, hasn't she so far?!

Ari said...

Hi, Mae! Thanks for having a fun blog that gives me much-needed breaks during my workday! I'm sure that when it's my turn, I'll let my baby sleep as long as she wants! I can't believe you're supposed to wake them up to eat. I have a lot to learn! Thanks for mentioning your sling. I told a few friends about it and they were excited to hear about it. Take care! I have to meet Ms. Brooklyn soon.