Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma Trini...aka "Lola" is celebrating her birthday today. She'd kill me if I reveal her real age...but I will share that the pediatrician at the hospital asked if she was my sister and couldn't believe that she was indeed Grandma! We celebrated a lil early last night and went to dinner in Phx at the Fish Market. Then tonight since Brett has a late day at work we'll stay more local and go to SAN TAN FLAT for dinner. We've been real blessed to have my mom and Hojo still here to help with Brooklyn.

We'll be really sad to see them go on saturday. What a great birthday for Grandma though....She's spending time with her grand-baby and got to be here for her birth! That was part of our gift to her...Brooklyn...the other part was massages every month for the next year! She actually is at one right now.

Brooklyn is doing well. She's gain quite a bit of weight at her last check on tuesday. She was 7lb 2 oz. I guess that means I've been feeding her well enough! I'm always concerned about that since I've been breast feeding I really don't know exactly the amt she gets. She's finally fitting some of her actual newborn clothes. Grandma bought her a preemie dress the other day so she had something nice to wear to dinner. I'm sure it'll be too big to wear by this weekend. Brooklyn sleeps well at night for the most part.... every so often she'll want to have social hour at about 3 or 4 am. She'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed even after she's done eating. Otherwise she's only up once or twice thru the night to eat. Alright, that's our update. Enjoy our latest pictures!

Here she is all dressed up for dinner.

This was the outfit thay Auntie Anjee picked out for Ms. Brooklyn. Still a lil big! but I thought Anjee would get a kick out of her in the outfit now.

This is how she's most comfortable. No matter how we swaddle her and put her down to sleep you can pretty much count on her wiggling her arms up and over her head. Whatever works! Oh and you gotta love her wild hair!!!


Riecke's said...

Ummm. where's her matching shoes??? Hee hee.. She is sooo cute! Happy Birthday Gramma Trini!!! Mae, I'm off next Tues. Maybe we can get together.... Love ya!

Anonymous said...

what a cutie. I can't believe her little rolls. Makes you just want to cuddle them all day cause they're so cute. Emma's still like that to me she just won't allow it because she has things to do and see. 0:)

Nichole said...

That's sooooooooooo yalls baby!!!!! LOL, I love seeing her pics! I got that one as my screensaver, my students ask who is that all the time "Baby Brooklyn" I say...they agree, she's a cutie pie! I cannot wait to meet her! I got a Brooklyn photo album already! hehe