Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy Day!!!!!

Daddy and Brooklyn Quality time. She got all dressed up for her Daddy to celebrate his first Father's Day. Brooklyn came just in time! For Daddy Day Mommy and Brooklyn (+ Deuce) have agreed to add to Brett's "Ink" collection....he just has to figure out what and where he wants it then we'll go get it. Today has been a relaxing day...we had to run an errand and go to the Bridal store clear across town so I can get some alterations done on my Bridesmaid dress for my Brother's wedding. I don't like having to drive that far with just me and Brooklyn cause I don't know how she'll do in a ride that long, so I had Brett come with us. He was quite the sport sitting there waiting the long time while they pinned the dress to it's proper fit. Tonight I am sure we'll be watching the NBA playoffs and I'll be fixing dinner. Pretty low key, but that's how we like it. The last few nights have been quite exhausting since Ms. Brooklyn wanted to have social hour most of the night and when she wasn't wanting to be social she was wanting to grub every 2 hours. I think she's going thru a growth spurt that's why she's wanting to eat so much more often right least I hope that's why. It takes me about and 1 hour to feed her and to get her back to sleep, and then no more then 1 hour later she's up again!
Here she is during social hour...making silly faces for the camera!

She's figured out how to effectively spit up after she's done eating her full meal also. That left for some linen and clothing changes for both Mommy and Brooklyn in the middle of the night that wasn't so fun. You see why we are looking to have a low key relaxing night?! Were really hoping for this tonight.......

She's up right now having her social hour early with Daddy so I am hoping she'll rest better tonight!

The other day Brooklyn's older and wiser friend, Amaya came to are some pictures from their visit.

Amaya's definately going to show Brooklyn the ropes!!!!

And last night we had dinner with the Riecke Crew....

Thanks guys for dinner!!!! When do you want to invite us out again?! hehe....OUR invite next kay?! We'll have to do something after you get back from your trip to Salem! We're officially "inviting" you so tell us what works good for you! We had dinner at Gordon Biersch...seems to be the popular spot for Anjee and I this past week!

And then here are some more pictures from today.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!!!!!!! We hope you all enjoy your day!

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