Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Alone

Brett left yesterday to go to Ohio for work and It's just Me Brooklyn and Deuce. Although Brooklyn has kept me busy all day long I am still very lonely without my hubbie. I don't know how I could ever do it if he were to travel frequently for work. It has been barely 24 hours and I miss him!

Brooklyn and I have had some issues with Breastfeeding lately. Turns out that I am producing way too much milk...and although that shouldn't seem like a problem, it is. Without getting too detailed about it, my 10 ounces that I produce for a feed isn't a good thing and I know have to get my milk supply back down to what Brooklyn actually takes....which should be more like 4. Since this has become an issue Brooklyn has had issues latching on and feeding. She eventually latches on and does her feed, but it's a major struggle between us. It's breaks my heart to see her just pitch a fit trying to breastfeed. So yesterday Brooklyn and I visited with the Lactation Nurse and she helped us get back on track. We're doing better with the feeding and she no longer pitches a fit when it's feeding time. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she continues to do well. We had our Dr Appt. for her 1 month check up today. She's 9# 3 oz. That's 2 lbs in 2 weeks! Apparently I am feeding her just fine! Everything else checked out fine. She's officially 1 month old yesterday. She's spending more time awake during the day and she actually let Mommy sleep a bit last night...I had to wake her up to feed her! So all is well here. We're just lonely without Brett. At this time of night we are normally looking foward to him coming home from I have to look forward to a phone call when he gets back to the hotel in Ohio.

Alright, I better go....Sorry no pics today. We have a playdate tomorrow so I'll make sure to post some pictures from that.

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Elizabeth said...

I've had the same problem! I think I have an incredibly fast let down too and so I practically drown the poor guy. He pulls away and shakes his head no but is rooting's a mess..literally! I think he's taking at least 5 ounces though b/c he'll take a 4 oz bottle for Jake and then want more so I'll give him a little at breast. He's 10-6 though...he should take a little more! :) They grow so fast! Sigh...