Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love being a Mommy!

Things are going well here at the Stephenson household. Brett had the day off today so I took advantage of him being home and went grocery shopping. It's such a "task" to go anywhere now when I have to take Brooklyn, which I don't mind of course! We actually went to lunch yesterday with Anjee, Will, "Grandma" Vicki, and Amy

afterwards made a quick stop at Brett's work to say hi since we were right down the road. Hauling around the car seat and the stroller can be quite the task and plus it is 100+ degrees outside now so that's always a factor! Miss Brooklyn is definately doing well. She's growing and feeding well which is always a huge concern of mine. She's done well breast feeding, thank god, so every so often we have her drink out of the bottle. I save the bottle feeds for Brett. I'm afraid to have her drink too much from the bottle so she only gets it about once a week. Once she does better with the breast feeding I think I'll have her do it more often. Who knows if that's the right way to do things....what I have learned is that there is no exact science to baby care! Everything I learned in school, and read in books, or "googled" online I use as a guide, but most importantly I'm definately learning as I go and learning to trust the "mommy" instinct. She's even getting to the point where she's outgrown my NICU knowledge! Overall I think we're both adjusting to each other fairly well. I love snuggling her and giving her kisses and just simply being with her. It's still surreal to me when I wake up to her crying in the middle of the night. I love seeing how much she's changing on the daily basis. Some days I think she looks like Brett and some days I really think she looks way more like me. I enjoy her now being so small and so little, but I am also very excited to see her grow. It was fun seeing how Big Will (anjee's Son) who is now 14 months has gotten yesterday at lunch. How he has turned into such a little Man and has developed such a fun personality. He was cute with Brooklyn and being "nice" with her.

I look foward to that stage with Brooklyn, but I want to cherish every moment of her now because I know she's growing quickly. Here are some more pictures. Like every new mom out there I can't seem to take enough pictures!

Big Brother Deucer being ultra protective of her. We thought it was cute at 1st until Deuce growled and snapped at me when I tried to pick up Brooklyn.

Ms. Brooklyn at her sweetest moments....

Caught her having a good dream and smiling....(or passing gas!)


rachellepaige said...

She is so adorable all curled up! I love your pictures, but they make me want to meet her even more! Just about a month until I meet my niece!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. I can't wait to meet her. When would be a good time to get together? Email me!!!


Becky said...

So glad you love being a mommy! I knew you would. And as always, the pics are adorable! Can't wait to see little Brooklyn again!

John, Erin and Jaxon said...

She is getting so big! And she is model material!

alexisandkyle said...

I love the picture of Deuce laying his head on Brooklyn! So cute :) I am glad to see everything is going well! She is adorable.

Rachel said...

Congratulations Brett and Mae !!
Brooklyn is sooo adorable.
I love all the baby pictures, don't worry, you can NEVER have too many.