Friday, June 13, 2008

Tubby Time!

We've been postponing doing Brooklyn's first official tub bath since we were having a few issues with her umbilical cord. I was worried that it was a lil infected at first so I wanted to make sure it dried up well and healed well even after the cord officially fell off. It fell off last week at some point and we've just been doing sponge baths til last night when she had her first offical tubby! Not a fan of the Tub that we had purchased for her, but it'll do the job. I thought for sure she would scream thru the whole thing like she does with her sponge baths, but she actually liked it. Once we got her in the warm water she seemed quite content.

I look foward to the next bath we have to give her.

On different note, we got the official word last night that Casey and Tod had their first baby last night. Baby Boy Brooks was born at 1023 pm and weighed 9 lbs! He was 22 inches long! I'm so excited to hear all about their experience and how they're doing once Casey feels up to it. I also can't wait to meet him or even just see more pictures. I also can't wait to introduce Brooklyn to her future MR. Right! hehe! Congrats Rodenbaugh Gang!!!!!!

The visitors just keep on coming! I love it! Joo and Ellie came by yesterday to visit and hang out. It's so nice to be able see everyone and I welcome any visitor at anytime...I'm starting to feel trapped in the house since I don't want to be going out much with the Heat and Brooklyn. I'm so used to being able to come and go as I pleased from this house without having to worry about much before Ms. Brooklyn joined us, and like I have mentioned before it has become quite the production to leave the house. So anytime anyone wants to visit feel free :-) You'll just have to make the trek out to Queen-Tucky! Becky, Amaya and "Mama" Becky will be our visitors for today. They'll be by a lil after that means i better pick up the house a bit.

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