Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brooklyn had her 2 month check up and she's up to 11# 6.5 oz. She's 22.5 inches long. She's on the smaller end of things, but that's to no suprise to us. She's got rolls and folds like a mini sumo wrestler that there's no doubt she's eating well.
We did however hit another lil nursing bump a few days ago, but we have since gotten over that. She decided for about a good 24 hours that she wasn't going to breast feed and went on strike.

In fear of malnourishing my baby's cheeks I caved and gave her bottles. I have never personally had to feed her with a bottle. She's gotten bottles from Daddy and even Grandma, while she was being cared for while at my Brothers wedding. I was trying to avoid using bottles til absolutely necessary. In a few weeks when I go back to work (SIGH!) I know she'll be getting bottles, but when she is with me I hope to continue breastfeeding. I enjoy our breastfeeding's Mommy and Brooklyn time. It was tough to think that I might have to give up breastfeeding and our Pediatrician said she was probably weening. I was pretty emotional about it and wasn't really willing to settle for that so I went yet again to visit with the lactation nurses at the hospital. They were great! They helped me get back on track with feeding her and really encouraged me to keep up with it. We've been doing great ever since. She's eating well and is truly one happy baby! She smiles all the time at us...likes to have chit chats with us and almost always likes to make silly faces!

I just love her soo much! I have to keep counting my blessings everyday that she's just so wonderful and healthy. She sleeps well thru the night and we're going to try her in her crib in her nursery here soon. I think mommy might have a harder time with it then she will.

Yesterday we had another Playdate at Anjee's house. The older kids played with Will's toys and even each other. They're getting good at sharing. Then the lil babies got passed around and held by the mommies. There was a good turn out and it was fun being able to swap stories and advice from all the mommies...even Grandma Vicki!

Can't wait til the next one.

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Elizabeth said...

Isn't it a little sad to see them grow so fast! I was just thinking that when I come back from MI I'm going to have to start putting Elijah in the crib. He's just getting so big for the bassinet! It's funny how big Brooklyn is b/c she's still smaller than him at his 1 month checkup! Now he's 14# and 24 1/2 inches! He's on the big end of things, which is no surprise to us either! I meant to comment before too on how much of a cutie Brooklyn is.