Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Smiles for Grandma!

We had a feeling that Grandma had been suffering from Brooklyn withdrawal so we wanted to post more pictures from the past few days. This morning Brooklyn greeted me with many smiles. The smiles are more frequent nowadays and more purposeful.

(Sorry about the quality of the picture...i forgot the flash!)
Mommy started off the day cranky since last night didn't bring us 4 hours of consectutive sleep like the other night, but then after seeing Brooklyn's smile how could anyone continue to be cranky?!

She's been doing better on her sleeping....she can normally go 4 to 5 hours at night (with the exception of last night!) as long as we keep her active and awake right before bed time. Here she is right after her nightly "Party" with Mommy and Daddy....we do well tuckering her out.

Brooklyn has found her new favorite thing....her vibrating/bouncy chair. She absoultely loves it and so does Mommy and Daddy! Thank you Cousin Ellie for allowing me to borrow it!

Today we went to Lunch with Ellie and Joo. Here's Ellie in her Bumbo about to enjoy some Rice that her Daddy brought her.

We had lunch at Kona Grill where James (Ellie's Dad) works. We get the nice hook up on sushi! Thanks James!

When we got home from lunch we had some tummy time that Deuce wanted to join in on....

Brooklyn just loves the camara! That or her Mommy just can't seem to get enough pictures of her! She's being sassy in the next set of pics...saying "Check me out in my fancy outfit and headband! My Mommy likes to make me look silly...I prefer the onesies!"


Nichole (the black one) said...

oh my gosh, I feel grandma's pain, I be going thru Brooklyn withdrawal and I haven't even met her in person yet! She's getting fat-fat! (healthy eating) yeah! so cute and adorable! What about that chair---you said it vibrates? do they make em for adults too? lol

Riecke's said...

I miss her! We definitely need to get together when we get home. Not that I want to get back to AZ. Right now it's oh....60's... will be a high of 70's. Hatin' me? I'm sure I'll be hatin' you in a couple weeks when you head to the midwest! Okay, better get ready for our 4th of July picnic and Timber carnival. Do I sound like an Oregonian or what??? Love you. Keep the pics coming. She is such an angel. Get to studyin' too!!! Be that good perfect wife I expect of you!