Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just wanted to share some pictures from last night's dinner. We took Grandma to San Tan Flat last night for dinner. We had a good time and Brooklyn slept pretty much thru dinner and woke up just in time to have her own dinner after we finished ours.

Grandma got to read Brooklyn her bedtime story and tucked her in to sleep last night...this morning we had to bring Grandma to the airport. So sad! Wish you were here still Mom! We always enjoy your visits and your welcome at anytime!

Brooklyn has been lauging more and more these days. It's hilarous to hear her chuckle. I just love tickling her to elicit the tummy tightening laughs from her!

This is an old picture actually taken from when we were in Fargo a few weeks ago, but this is pretty much the look we get from her when she's priceless.
The past couple weeks Brooklyn has gotten into the groove of sleeping thru the night without needing a feed. She wakes up thru the night but her binkie seems to soothe her enough to fall right back to sleep. Hopefully I haven't jinxed it by blogging about it. Anyway, I have to work this weekend. Brett has it off to catch up on some good ole Daddy Daughter bonding and I'm sure some video games will be part of that.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Brooklyn's Goods Looks....

We figured out where our baby girl gets her good looks from...not mommy or daddy. They're from Grandma Trini!!!! hehe....of course we believe that she's the perfect combo of both her Stephenson side and her Dio side.

Grandma has been in town since Monday and we have been having a blast and enjoying her way too short visit. We've been well fed here and today my Mom and I did what we do best...Shopping! We even found the perfect shades for Brooklyn

We're breaking her in early on our shopping adventures. 3 generations of browsing thru the stores and racks of clothes and shoes galore! Truly there is no doubt that Brooklyn was born to shop.

Last night Brett and I had our first official date night since Brooklyn has been born. We were able to get a nice dinner and watch a movie ( The Dark Knight) while Grandma and Brooklyn had more bonding time together. I'm sure Grandma was telling Brooklyn over and over again that she needs to move to Chicago.

Tonight we're all off to dinner once Brett gets home....then tomorrow we're going to be sad to see Grandma go....this afternoon I caught Grandma trying to pack Brooklyn in her suitcase....

It didn't look like Brooklyn was protesting much either!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well Rested

After our eventful day yesterday, Miss Brooklyn decided she better catch up on some much needed zzz's. I laid her down in her crib at 9pm and she slept til 730 this morning. Can you believe that?! She squawked once or twice thru the night but was fine once she got her binkie back. I wish I could say that Brett and I were as well rested as she though. We stayed up til at least 2 am, hanging out with Jamey...the guys were kind enough to include me in hanging out and watched a movie instead of playing video games. We watched Rambo....nice guys huh?! Hehe, funny part was that I actually stayed awake thru it all and Jamey and Brett were the ones to fall asleep. That's okay though, they had to be up at 0430 this morning to take Jamey to the airport. Sorry I wasn't up to see you on your way Jamey, but thanks for visiting! Brooklyn enjoyed hanging out with her Silly Uncle!

Anyway, I'm hoping that the long night of sleep for Brooklyn isn't a once in a blue moon kind of thing and that we can get her to keep sleeping like this. Doubtful 10.5 hours, but I'll settle for 8!!!

Off to the airport again tomorrow to pick up Grandma!!! YIPEE!!!! We just love it when she's in town!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday James!

Tonight we celebrated James' 30th :-) Birthday!!! We all went out to dinner with the Tatham crew and enjoyed a great dinner.... Sorry we had to cut out early guys! Brooklyn wasn't her normal self since she missed a long needed nap. Earlier in the day we met up with the Heetland crew since Kelly (Brett's BFF) was in town with his wifey Shawna from San Fran. They are here to celebrate Kelly's Bday also. Happy belated to you too! So since we were out and about Brooklyn never had a real decent her 3-4 hour ones that she is used to getting at least once a day....she was rather cranky tonight. We came home did a quick bathe and feed and she's out for the night! Uncle Jamey is in town to hang out and has been here for a few days. Brett and Jamey have been having a blast logging in many many hours on the XBOX. He leaves tomorrow to go back to Dakota. It was a short trip, hopefully next time the Boys and Rhonda can come too. We only have 2 controllers for the XBOX so I have had to come up with my own entertainment...wish you guys were here!!!!

Alright, nighty nighty everyone!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who needs security systems?!

We knew we could always rely on Deuce to scare away strangers and intruders in our house. He's quite the protector of all things Stephenson! As you can see by this next picture he's quite the terror and there ain't no way anybody's getting past this guy!

But after the past few nights of Daddy Daughter bonding and a few good pep talks from Daddy to Brooklyn....

Brooklyn has decided to step up to the role as ultimate protector!

She's quite content hanging out by the door to scare away any intruders....
She's even managed to keep out the coyotes!

Of course she's had a lil help from her favorite inanimate friend her fierce and tough Lion King (as it's more popularly known as in our house!)

Who wouldn't be afraid of this dynamic duo?!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I wanted to put a picture of Brooklyn, but didn't have access to I stole these from The Rodengaugh's website....thanks Casey!!!!

I'll have more up by weds!....maybe

Quick Update!

My how life changes when I have to start back at work! Lil time for updating this blog! I started back at work on Thurs and I'm happy to say we all survived! I managed to not cry and Brett and Brooklyn managed their first night alone without Mommy. Brooklyn struggled a bit with feeding from the bottle, but we fixed that problem over the weekend when I was home. It's so different having to work full time now. Things get neglected at home. Especially since I had a nice wonderful 12 weeks off and managed to get things done. Now, not soo much. All I really want to do is play with Brooklyn. She's just sooo awesome. I love her more each day. About a week and a half ago she started laughing. She loves being tickled and she talks and talks....typical girl. She's in her nursery now sleeping in her crib away from us :( and she seems to do well. Still wakes up about once a night. Last night I went to go check on her and she had managed to wiggle and turn herself 180 degrees so her feet were where her head was when I first laid her down. IT's crazy to see her so mobile~ She still loves tummy time for only about 10-15 minutes and while on her back she kicks up a storm. She has her favorite lil stuffed lion that she loves to grab with her arms and hug and kiss on. I'm sure not purposeful, but it's still way too cute. Tonight while we were eating dinner Brooklyn enjoyed her own meal of teething/chew toy. She was sitting up in her bumbo and just reaches down for it with her head and starts nawing away. All these things make it soo stinking hard to go back to work! At least I know for the most part she is sleeping when I am gone.

Besides me working we've had a few projects at the house that has kept me away from blogging. We re-did the office, the furniture has finally all come in and that has been a major task putting it together. I would have loved to have paid the company to do it, but do you know how many diapers that would have been?! So between taking care of Brooklyn and all the work that Brett's had to do for his classes he's teaching at U. of Phoenix, it's taken a few days to get it all together. The furniture is put together, but there is still a ton of organizing left. On top of that this weekend we bought a new dinette set and had to put that all together also. We sold a bunch of our old stuff on craigslist this weekend so we had people coming by to pick up all sorts of stuff. You can finally see the 3rd stall of our garage now though!!! Life is crazy busy at the Stephenson household. Brooklyn is excited to see her Uncle Jamey this weekend and then on Monday Gramma Trini comes to play with her for 6 days. Sorry guys if the house isn't spick and span! Eventually I'll get a good rhythym going with all this stuff and have it all sorted out and managed....and by then we'll probably be expecting round 2! opps...did I just say that?!

Pictures yet to come!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brooklyn's BFF and her Other Boyfriend

This weekend was exciting and eventful! One of the highlights was that Brooklyn had more friends over. Ella (she belongs to great friends of ours Travis and Nicole) and Will (he belongs to other great friends of ours Bill and Anjee) came over to hang out and play. Ella will be 2 in Sept and is one of Brooklyn's BFF. Will is 16 months and is one of her Boyfriends. They both played very nicely with each other and with Brooklyn. Brooklyn really enjoyed being held by Ella...and getting nice hugs from Will. We all enjoyed the company of their parents also!

We also went to Avery Katz's 2nd Birthday fiesta! Sorry our stay was short guys, we'll have to get together again soon! We had a great time and visit with you guys! (Forgot my camara so no pictures from this event!)

Today we finally ordered our office furniture...thank goodness b/c if you were to see our office now it looks like a tornado hit. It's a mess and I can't wait til it's all finally put together.

I finally found time to go get my hair cut. They cut about 4 inches off the length and funny, it's not noticable at all. My hair has been growing soo fast and has gotten soo long that I was way over due. I've been trying to run more errands and take more trips out of the house without Brooklyn while Brett's home to watch her in order to prepare me better for Thursday....ughhh! I have to go back to work (kicking and screaming!) on thursday. I'm dreading the day, but I have to keep reminding myself how lucky I do have it and that I won't be dropping off Brooklyn at any strange day care. We've worked our schedules so that Brett will obviously be watching her at night since I work 12 hour nights shifts and then we have Lily coming by during the day to watch Brooklyn while I sleep. She'll sometimes have to go to Becky's for a few hours also so I can get some shut-eye. So glad it's Becky's and not an unfamiliar day care though! Since I'm still working nights I can at least feel better knowing that for most of the time that I am gone she'll be I hopefully I won't be missing out on too much. I just can't believe the 12 weeks I had off are coming to an sad!

Brooklyn has been doing sooo well. She's such a delight. I love waking up with her and she is just all smiles!

She still sleeps well thru the night waking up just once and tonight were going to try her in her crib in her nursery. Shes starting to laugh now and coos at us more and more each day. She really sits up well in her bumbo and holds her head up really steady while in it. It's a new found world for her...she likes to sit in it at the dinner table while Brett and I have out meal.

Deuce and her have really found a liking for each other...where there's Brooklyn there's Deuce hanging out right beside her. He's constantly sneaking in Kisses!

Last but not least I need to wish my very AWESOME and Wondeful Parents a Happy Many Year Anniversary!!! I want to say it's been 18 years, but Hojo has been in our life way longer then that so it seems like they've been married for much longer! Hope you have a wonderful day together.....thanks for being such great parents/ grandparents. We love you both!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

True Love so early?

Thursday Brooklyn's boyfriend, Brooks came over with his mommy, Casey to have lunch and spend the afternoon with us. We had soo much fun. It was nice to have adult conversation during the day! Brooklyn and Brooks played as well as a 2 month old and 2.5 month old can play. They even enjoyed tummy time together

Brooks is 3 wks younger then Brooklyn but just look at how much longer he is! (Brooklyn is the tan one in the picture if you haven't already figured that out :-) )
Next to Brooks, our girl seriously looks like a sumo wrestler...shes got quite the number of rolls and folds!

Brooks is sooo handsome and soo much fun when he's awake!!! He's still very cute to look at when he's asleep though! Thanks for hanging out guys!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rolly Polly!

Our little darling decided tonight that she master her skill of rolling over from Belly to Back tonight. She did it for the first time a few weeks ago, but tonight was the first time she consistently did it. We had her on belly for tummy time and within a minute or so she was on her back smiling at us. She did that every single time we put her on her belly. Daddy and Mommy we cheering her like she just won the gold medal! It's the little things that matter nowadays!

Over all it was a good Sunday for us! We laid low and watched a movie while Brooklyn napped and played with her when she was up. Brett got to play a round of golf really early this morning to beat the heat. I forgot how hot 110 can be cause I trimmed the bushes in the front yard this afternoon thinking that I can manage out there...oh no!...I only did 3 out of the 5 bushes that needed work. Our neighbors ought to love that. It'll be another several months before I get back out there to do the rest :-)! Alright, being as we had quite the productive day I'm sure it's about time to turn in. Have a good week everyone!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Head Strong!

Brooklyn is getting stronger everyday.

Where there's a will there's a way! Check out the concentration on her face!

She enjoys tummy time for about 5 minutes and then she gets pout face.
Brooklyn says..."Mommy I'll stay like this just a lil bit longer and then you have to hold me!"

Alright....she is soo much better now, all smiles!

All those neck exercises tuckers Brooklyn's nap time for her. Wouldn't you be exhausted trying to lift those cheeks?