Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brooklyn's BFF and her Other Boyfriend

This weekend was exciting and eventful! One of the highlights was that Brooklyn had more friends over. Ella (she belongs to great friends of ours Travis and Nicole) and Will (he belongs to other great friends of ours Bill and Anjee) came over to hang out and play. Ella will be 2 in Sept and is one of Brooklyn's BFF. Will is 16 months and is one of her Boyfriends. They both played very nicely with each other and with Brooklyn. Brooklyn really enjoyed being held by Ella...and getting nice hugs from Will. We all enjoyed the company of their parents also!

We also went to Avery Katz's 2nd Birthday fiesta! Sorry our stay was short guys, we'll have to get together again soon! We had a great time and visit with you guys! (Forgot my camara so no pictures from this event!)

Today we finally ordered our office furniture...thank goodness b/c if you were to see our office now it looks like a tornado hit. It's a mess and I can't wait til it's all finally put together.

I finally found time to go get my hair cut. They cut about 4 inches off the length and funny, it's not noticable at all. My hair has been growing soo fast and has gotten soo long that I was way over due. I've been trying to run more errands and take more trips out of the house without Brooklyn while Brett's home to watch her in order to prepare me better for Thursday....ughhh! I have to go back to work (kicking and screaming!) on thursday. I'm dreading the day, but I have to keep reminding myself how lucky I do have it and that I won't be dropping off Brooklyn at any strange day care. We've worked our schedules so that Brett will obviously be watching her at night since I work 12 hour nights shifts and then we have Lily coming by during the day to watch Brooklyn while I sleep. She'll sometimes have to go to Becky's for a few hours also so I can get some shut-eye. So glad it's Becky's and not an unfamiliar day care though! Since I'm still working nights I can at least feel better knowing that for most of the time that I am gone she'll be I hopefully I won't be missing out on too much. I just can't believe the 12 weeks I had off are coming to an sad!

Brooklyn has been doing sooo well. She's such a delight. I love waking up with her and she is just all smiles!

She still sleeps well thru the night waking up just once and tonight were going to try her in her crib in her nursery. Shes starting to laugh now and coos at us more and more each day. She really sits up well in her bumbo and holds her head up really steady while in it. It's a new found world for her...she likes to sit in it at the dinner table while Brett and I have out meal.

Deuce and her have really found a liking for each other...where there's Brooklyn there's Deuce hanging out right beside her. He's constantly sneaking in Kisses!

Last but not least I need to wish my very AWESOME and Wondeful Parents a Happy Many Year Anniversary!!! I want to say it's been 18 years, but Hojo has been in our life way longer then that so it seems like they've been married for much longer! Hope you have a wonderful day together.....thanks for being such great parents/ grandparents. We love you both!!!!


Riecke's said...

What a little chunky monkey. I am glad we got to get together. I'm sorry you have to go back to work. It is so hard...but you'll love her even more coming home to her! And when she's Will's age, you'll look forward to work every once in awhile! :)

Anonymous said...

she's getting so big. What a darling. If her cheeks get any bigger she'll weigh more than you. HEE HEE. I wish it was cute to have rolls like that as an adult...